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The Movie Transcendence — From a Metaphysical Perspective

The movie Transcendence, directed by cinematographer Wally Pfister, opened to disappointing box office and derisory reviews in the US last week. But we LOVED it! And we’ll tell you why. We viewed it from a metaphysical perspective instead of a … Continue reading

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Easter from a Spiritual Perspective: The Resurrection Connection

A six year old girl decides to draw a picture of God as her class exercise for Easter. “I’m drawing a picture of God,” she proudly announces to her teacher. “Oh, honey. No one knows what God looks like,” replies … Continue reading

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A Spiritual Practice for Healing: Your ‘Self to Cell’ Journey

What Does It Mean to Take a Spiritual Journey from Self to Cell? Did you know . . .You are composed of communes, colonies, cities and continents of trillions of cells in action. Your body is filled with cellular life. … Continue reading

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