A Spiritual Practice for Healing: Your ‘Self to Cell’ Journey

What Does It Mean to Take a Spiritual Journey from Self to Cell?

Spiritual person in universe

You are truly stardust!

Did you know . . .You are composed of communes, colonies, cities and continents of trillions of cells in action. Your body is filled with cellular life. You are composed of hydrogen atoms and subatomic particles like quarks, leptons, and gluons that were present at the Big Bang. We’re not kidding. Quantum physicists tell us that we are literally stardust as physical beings.

Subatomic parts of you are 15 billion years old. Other parts of you are a billionth of a second old. At a molecular and cellular level you are a universe that is designed as a physical container for housing your particular level of consciousness and spirituality. And because you are a physical being there is a constant need for healing and wholing the physical vehicle in which you find yourself. The more you see healing as wholing from a spiritual perspective, the more you will come to know that your living cells contain more than biologists and geneticists are willing to admit.

Person and sunset

Written into the biography of your cells are the mysteries of life and consciousness, involution and evolution, time and space, the universe and the Multiverse!

You will see that to simply describe your network of cells as only biological containers comprised of a nucleus, membrane, receptors, tubes, fluid, and genetic markers is to miss the point of your biological footprint. You will discover that your cells are highly intelligent beings with an innate divinity all their own. Written into the biography of your cells are the mysteries of life and consciousness, involution and evolution, time and space, the universe and the Multiverse!

In her book, Secrets of Your Cells, Sandra Barrett reminds us that “at every moment of everyday, our cells orchestrate millions of molecular symphonies, guided by cellular intelligence in a delicately designed system of checks and balances, push and pull, collaboration and communication.” The sheer genius of the trillions of molecular embraces that are central to our biochemical functioning bridge both your biochemistry and your spirituality. Your cells are the biological expressions of your natural sacredness and spiritualness as a spiritual being having a human experience.

The extent of your spirituality and/or materiality influences each of your cell’s life experience. Your cells respond to your thoughts, intentions, words, feelings and actions.

When you worry and are fearful, your internal pharmacy bombards your cells with stress hormones that, if activated too often, can harm your cells and move your entire being toward dis-ease. On the other hand, when you are joyful and loving, your cells are flooded with pleasure-inducing endorphins that elevate your immune system and fortify your cells, moving you toward wholeness.

TakeActionAs a standard spiritual practice, take ‘Self to Cell’ journeys often. Set aside some uninterrupted time to go into the Silence, and:

  • See your physical body as a cellular sanctuary.
  • Imagine your cells working harmoniously together to ensure your complete healing and wholing.
  • Envision your trillions of cells as tiny cauldrons of life-giving and life-sustaining energy.

Carl Sagan had no doubt as to your cells’ superior resourcefulness and ‘medical’ knowledge. He reminds us that, “The blueprints, detailed instructions, and job orders for building you from scratch would fill about 1,000 encyclopedia volumes if written in English. Yet, every cell in your body has a set of these encyclopedias.”

You have the pharmacy of pharmacies built into your DNA – and you have the intelligence of the universe distributed throughout your body within the diversity of the cells that constitute your biomake-up. So, it just makes sense to communicate ‘Self to Cell’ in order to keep the wholeness that you are intact.

Partner with your cells. Maintain a loving, mutually-satisfying, symbiotic relationship. Cell-ebrate your cell power. Within your cellular genealogy is your wholing genie-ology! Experience the awesome wholeness and wholesomeness that come from the reciprocity between ‘Self to Cell’ and ‘Cell to Self.’


About Cher & Bil Holton

Since 1984, Cher & Bil Holton have been co-owners of The Holton Consulting Group, Inc., helping corporate and association clients enhance bottom-line results using cutting edge employee engagement. Their keynote speeches, turbo-training, and coaching sessions are practical, grounded in research, and lots of fun to boot! They are prolific authors, and take "Indiana Jones" vacations to continually stretch their limits!
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