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The Spiritual Meaning of the Spear that Pierced Jesus’ Side

The Side-Piercing Spear, also known as the Spear of Destiny and the Lance of Longinus, is the name given to the spear that pierced the side of the Christ as Jesus as he hung on the cross, according to the … Continue reading

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Love Potion 3:16

February seems to be a month that focuses on love, so we thought a special blog article about love would be perfect! But we want to emphasize a special kind of love: loving yourself! We are totally convinced that it is … Continue reading

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Spiritual Enrichment: Question Unquestioned Answers

Your spiritual growth is not so much limited by unanswered questions as it is by unquestioned answers. You may want to read that statement again because it is the key to your spiritual growth. Your openness, curiosity and common sense … Continue reading

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The Anti-Christ Is Closer Than Objects in Your Rearview Mirror

You’ve probably heard about ‘the’ Anti-Christ. He is purported to be a powerful demonic figure who is pure concentrated evil from head to foot. As boogie man Satan, he challenged the goodness of Jesus Christ when Jesus began His ministry, … Continue reading

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What Does It Mean to be More Spiritual Than Religious?

According to a recent study conducted by Pew Research, people with no religious affiliation make up the third-largest global group, placing after Christians and Muslims and just before Hindus. Included in this group are individuals who say they are more … Continue reading

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What If Energy Healing Really Does Work?

Have you ever wondered if Energy Healing really works? Here’s what science says — and questions that science cannot yet answer. Continue reading

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Refrain From Tail Bonks as a Spiritual Practice

In snowboarding terms, tail bonks occur when snowboarders intentionally hit and bounce off objects, either natural or manmade, with the tail of the snowboard. Spiritually speaking, a ‘tail bonk’ is intentionally upsetting a religious fundamentalist, mainstream religious literalbot,* or people … Continue reading

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Spiritual versus Religious?

What’s the Difference Between Spirituality and Religion? This question spawns a lot of late-night discussions and coffee-charged debates. But essentially it is more an issue of where we are in our journey to enlightenment! We wrote a blog article recently … Continue reading

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The Christ Child … from a metaphysical perspective

While we encourage you to enjoy the traditional Nativity story which has been celebrated thousands of times, we also invite you to take a more spiritual than religious look at the Nativity story as well. We believe this highly spiritual … Continue reading

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Spiritual Practice: Avoid Manacled Miniaturization

Since we cater to more spiritual than religious appetites, this blogcast features a spiritual practice that is the perfect practice to foster the avoidance of manacled miniaturization! You might be asking, “What on earth is Manacled Miniaturization?” Let us explain! Manacled means … Continue reading

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