Let’s Talk About the Real Apocalypse

4Horsemen-spiritualInterpretationWe’ve heard a lot of comments lately proclaiming that the Apocalypse is upon us! It is said with fear and trepidation, a prediction of the end of times. But did you know:

An apocalypse, from the Greek: apokálypsis, means an ‘uncovering’ or ‘disclosure of knowledge.’ It is the ‘lifting of the veil’ or a ‘revelation’ or ‘a revealing of something hidden.’ Apocalyptic writing, based on a “literalbot”* orientation, generally interprets the apocalyptic symbolism as forecasting the end of the world or the end of times.

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Historic Writings

In John’s Book of Revelation**, the last book of the New Testament, the vision which John receives is that of the ultimate victory of good over evil which creates the end of the present age. A similar story is told by Jewish pseudepigraphicist Baruch ben Neriah in two distinct texts, the Syriac Apocalypse of Baruch (2nd century CE) and the Greek Apocalypse of Baruch (4th century CE).

In the Old Testament Book of Daniel the apocalypse is described as ‘that which shall come to pass in the later days.’ (Daniel 2:28)

All of the ancient writings refer to the apocalypse as either the ‘restoration,’ ‘restitution,’ ‘time of fulfillment,’ or ‘time of redemption’ when it is explained positively. It will be a time of rejoicing and celebration when the Christ and Sophia reunite. The All will reunite with the many.

When it is viewed from a negative standpoint it is referred to as ‘the resolution,’
‘the consummation of an age,’ ‘the coming end of the Aeon,’ ‘the time of dissolution,’ ‘the appointed time,’ or ‘the last days.’ It is billed as a time of judgment, condemnation and punishment.

In an ancient Gnostic text called On the Origin of the World found among the works in the Nag Hammadi Library, an end of the world scenario is described:

The phoenix, a symbol for the savior, will appear as a sign: And the phoenix first appears in a living state, and dies, and rises again, being a sign of what has become apparent at the consummation of the age. Before the consummation of the age, the whole place will shake with great thundering. The angels will mourn for their mankind, and the demons will weep over their seasons, and humankind will wail and scream at their death. Then the age will begin, and they will be disturbed. Their kings will be intoxicated with the fiery sword, and they will wage war against one another, so that the earth is intoxicated with bloodshed. And the seas will be disturbed by those wars. Then the sun will become dark, and the moon will cause its light to cease. The stars of the sky will cancel their circuits. (122:29)

In another text from antiquity, the Sethian Gnostic text called Trimorphic Protennoia, also found in the Nag Hammadi Library, predicts signs of the end:

Then, when the great Authorities knew that the time of fulfillment had appeared – just as in the pangs of the parturient it (the time) has drawn near, so also had the destruction approached – all together the elements trembled, and the foundations of the underworld and the ceilings of Chaos shook, and a great fire shone within their midst, and the rocks and the earth were shaken like a reed shaken by the wind.  (43:4)

The Gnostic Christian text, the Apocryphon of John, tells of a revelation Jesus Christ gave to the apostle John about the end of times. And in the Gnostic text, Concept of Our Great Power, the corruption of our physical body and our soul becoming enlightened once again and returning to the Light are emphasized.

These sentiments are repeated in the Gospel of Thomas, which has Jesus as the Savior of humankind saying, “I shall destroy this house (our corruptible physical body), and no one will be able to build it again.” (45:34-71). The Second Apocryphon of James corroborates this perspective, “This (house) I shall doom to destruction and derision of those who are in ignorance.” (60:20)

Modern Interpretations

Today, there are many anthropogenic*** scenarios of humankind’s apocalyptic ‘extinction proneness.’ Anthropogenic extinction scenarios include: global war, overpopulation, global nuclear annihilation, global biological extinction, dysgenic gene manipulation, global pandemics, and total ecological collapse.

The implication in all of these apocalyptic scenarios is that there will be some kind of an end of time and/or or end of an era collapse and extinction of humankind – with no Noah’s ark to the rescue, we might add! Unfortunately, this kind of ‘global collapse thinking’ has been programmed into humanity’s guilt-laden collective consciousness since time began.

A Spiritual Perspective of the Apocalypse

The interesting thing about this collective doomsday thinking, in our opinion, is that it is based on a hidden truth that has been corrupted by the genealogical guilt trip we’ve laid on ourselves since the beginning of our time on Earth! We’ve perpetuated it by concocting scenarios like the ones we’ve mentioned above and producing movies that glamorize the end of the human race ad nauseam.

New JerusalemIn our opinion, we, as spiritual beings, have invented our extinction psychology because we feel guilty for choosing a physical incarnation with all of its sensory delights instead of remaining as ethereal spiritual beings who consistently and perpetually express our conscious oneness with the Godhead! We’ve chosen separation instead of unity. So, the extinction scenarios we’ve invented are the imaginative punishments we’ve decided we deserve as a ‘fallen species.’

The good news is there will not be, nor has there ever been, a God-ordained mass extinction of the human race! (You may want to read that sentence again)! That kind of global apocalypse is a figment of our collective imaginations. That’s not to say there couldn’t be an anthropogenic extinction. We humans have been known to make a few poor choices throughout our skin school history.

The apocalyptic ‘restoration’ we predict will be humankind growing spiritually enough and enlightened enough to outgrow our egocentric worldly nature by remembering who we really are and becoming Self-Realized enough that we grow fully into and express our Divine Nature which has always been our birthright. It will be the end of the ego’s temporal rulership and the beginning our Divine Nature’s full expression. Peace (the apocalypse) will be established on earth (our unenlightened human consciousness) like it is in heaven (our fully illuminated super-consciousness).

Here’s the most important part: It starts with YOU! that’s right! As each of us takes our responsibility seriously to make wise choices in expressing our Divine Nature in everything we do, we establish peace within — we eliminate any illusion of separation — our human self and our Divine Self are One — and only then will we manifest peace in our world … as we walk the spiritual path on practical feet!

* Literalbots are mainstream religious clergy and church members who interpret sacred scripture literally and believe that scripture is inerrant.
** You may want to see our metaphysical interpretation on the Book of Revelation: A Manual Describing the Unfoldment of Our Christ Nature which contends that the fabled ‘apocalypse’ is actually referring to the end of our worldly egocentric consciousness and the beginning of our ruling Super-consciousness! (It includes a metaphysical interpretation of the four Horsemen.)
***Anthropogenic refers to any catastrophic human impact on the environment and the world.
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Do You Believe in a Helicopter God?

HelicopterGodThe concept of a helicopter God comes from a parenting industry term called ‘helicopter parent.’ Helicopter parents got their ‘hovering license’ because, like helicopters, they hover overhead. The same thing goes for the belief in a micromanaging God who supposedly hovers overhead in order to watch every move we humans make, control our lives, and intervene on our behalf.

We’re going to ‘hover’ over helicopter parenting first and then share our insights about the unfortunate near-sightedness of a mythical helicopter God. As we compare the two concepts, we invite you to draw your own conclusions about how each affects your children’s and your own soul growth.

A Quick Look at Helicopter Parents (for comparison’s sake)

People think this is a new concept, but the helicopter metaphor for over-parenting appeared as early as 1969 in the bestselling popular psychology book Between Parent & Teenager by Dr. Haim Ginott. The book mentions a teenager who complains: “Mother hovers over me like a helicopter…”

HelicopterParents-ca15659632Helicopter parents typically take too much responsibility for their children’s successes and life experiences. This type of overbearing fussiness means being involved in a youngster’s life in a way that is pushy and over-controlling, over-protective and oppressive, over-perfecting and over-inflated. This excessive, over-shadowing parenting style may produce the short term academic and behavioral results parents want, but in the long run the excessive hovering destabilizes the parent-child relationship.

  • Making your 3-year-old’s bed isn’t hovering. Making your 13-year-old’s bed is.
  • Cleaning your 2-year-old’s room isn’t over-rearing. Cleaning your 20-year-old’s
    room is.
  • Laundering your 4-year-old’s cloths isn’t being over-controlling. Laundering your
    14-year-old’s cloths teaches your teenager poor self-care habits.

Providing disproportionate assistance for homework and school projects is creating overly-dependent, subservient children. Practices like calling your children each morning to wake them up for class and complaining to their teachers and/or professors about their grades are disempowering. Becoming long distance proxied summer camp officials to monitor the paid summer camp officials’ treatment of your child is not the way to build your child’s social responsibility skills.

BartSimpsondreamstime_xs_46250348We’re not ‘Simpson’ fans, but for those who are, we’re reminded of the ‘Father Knows Worst’ episode of the 20th season of The Simpsons. It originally aired on the Fox Network in the United States on April 26, 2009. In the episode, Bart and Lisa are struggling in both their academic and social lives at school and Homer becomes a helicopter parent. The whole episode is about too much of Homer’s presence. He dotes obsessively and over-steers, over-protects and over-controls, and becomes pushy to a fault, creating disastrous results!

However you slice it, helicopter parents put their own emotional and narcissistic needs ahead of the developmental needs of their children. Social psychologists have found that inappropriate, anxiety-driven parenting tactics not only compromise children’s autonomy, confidence, mastery, and personal growth, they often reflect a highly judgmental attitude by parents, who praise their children when they do well, but withdraw affection when their ‘protégés’ don’t measure up.

Enough About Helicopter Parents! What’s a Helicopter God?

Okay. Okay. That’s the extent of our helicopter parenting perspective. We hope our treatment of the concept of a helicopter God which humankind invented will be as unhelicoptery and non-judgmental as we can make it! However, it will become obvious that we aren’t fans of either.

We don’t want to sound like overprotective ministers, but we invite you to let the concept of a helicopter God (a drone God in today’s parlance) flutter out of your consciousness. There never has been a helicopter (drone) God. It’s the fig newton of a patriarchal, old school, religious mindset. A helicopter God (anthropomorphic God, drone God) is the foundation of mainstream religious traditions around the world. It has been reinforced through mistranslated and misinterpreted scriptures, perpetuated by fossilized doctrinal edicts, and preserved by millions of well-intentioned — although unenlightened –ministers in pulpits throughout America and beyond.

Remember the often quoted mainstream religious story about God sending two boats and a helicopter? For those who somehow missed the story, it goes something like this:

Flood-rooftop-ca20453933It’s raining really hard. There’s a fundamental Christian living beside a river and it starts to flood. The sheriff’s deputies come by and tell him he should leave before the river cuts off the road.

“The Lord will save me,” he tells them.

A short time later the river is up to his front porch. Some folks come by in a boat and tell him to hop in and they’ll take him to safety.

“The Lord will save me,” he tells them.

The water rises above the first floor and the man has to climb on his roof. The National Guard comes by in a boat and begs him to come with them.

“The Lord will save me,” he parrots.

The waters keep rising and the man is clinging to his chimney. A helicopter appears and lowers a rope, but he refuses to go, telling them, “The Lord will save me.”

Finally he is standing on top of the chimney and the river is still rising.

“Lord,” he calls out, “Lord, why have you forsaken me?”

The sky splits open and a HUGE voice booms out… “I sent two boats and a helicopter … What more do you want?”

This cute little story epitomizes the helicopter (anthropomorphic, drone) God concept. It reinforces the unfortunate concept of a God ‘out there,’ separate from us, who is believed to micromanage human affairs. It is based on the belief of a God who punishes sinners and rewards believers – and, as this story implies, sometimes there is a disconnect with that ‘hovering’ God when good people are hurt, lost, sacrificed, and abused!

Things, like rescue attempts from housetops, seem to fall between the cracks when we believe there is distance between us and the Creator. People have been ruthlessly programmed through centuries of mainstream religious teachings to look ‘out there’ for answers. They have been taught to see authority figures (clergy, priests, popes) and conventional institutions (churches, synagogues, parishes) as intercessors to speak in their behalf to a god ‘out there.’

There are many scriptures used to support this belief. The three that follow are representative of the mainstream religious Helicopter God concept:

“As an eagle stirreth up her nest, fluttereth over her young, spreadeth abroad her wings, taketh them, beareth them on her wings” (Deuteronomy 32:11).

“For as a belt is bound around the waist, so I bound all the people of Israel and all the people of Judah to me,” declares the LORD, “to be my people for my renown and praise and honor” (Jeremiah 13:11).

“How often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings” (Matthew 23:37-39).

We believe a MetaSpiritual interpretation of these verses all reflect the longing of our human self to be consciously one with our Higher Self, and that the gifts of our 12 Powers are always present to give us the inner guidance and resources to manifest from the Field of Infinite Potential.

Let Go of the Helicopter God

As you continue to unfold your spiritual nature outside of the limited perspectives of organized mainstream religions, you come to understand that there is no external, anthropomorphic force that acts upon you; that guides you if you’re dutiful; that heals you instead of someone else, or heals someone else instead of you; that rewards believers, but punishes sinners; that sacrificed His Son to purge the world of sin, but then allows humankind to sin anyway.

These are established Helicopter God views. But in the principles of universal unity and oneness as taught by physicists, neuroscientists, epigeneticists, biologists and metaphysicians, you are not a creation of God, molded and shaped and set on the path of life ‘down here’ in skin school. You are the Force or Presence of the Eternal Presence we call God expressing Itself as you in human form.

The mainstream religious God as the potter, the watchmaker, the chessmaster, the punisher of sins, the white-bearded Zeus-like author of the Ten Commandments has lost its relevance and believability for those who consider themselves to be more spiritual than religious. As we’ve mentioned previously, such a micro-managing anthropomorphic, drone-buzzing God in the sky has never existed.

Embrace A Spiritual Perspective of God

The God of our understanding is an Eternal Presence that is the Ground of all Being. Its omnipresence, omnipotence, omniscience, and omni-activity are timeless and limitless. The God of our understanding is not bound by rotor blades, cockpit, downdrafts, gravity, cosmic inflation or the speed of light. Nor does the God of our understanding sit nonchalantly by and let bad things happen to good people. The God of our understanding is certainly not a white-bearded goodie God in the sky that gives you things and expects to be worshipped.

binary-starsThe God of our understanding is the Field of Infinite Potential. It is Pure Beingness and Goodness and the Essence of the Universality of Love which uses consciousness as Its vehicle. The God of our understanding underwrites the entire manifest and unmanifest realms. The God of our understanding is Pure Transcendence and Pure Immanence, Pure Visiblity and Pure Invisiblity, Quantumness and Spiritness, Principle and That Which Underwrites Principle, Energy and That Which Uses Energy, Universal Isness and Molecular Isness, Absoluteness and Relativeness, Planetary Logos and Intergalactic Logos, the One and the Many, the Unknowable and the Known, That Which Can Be Known and That Which Will Never Be Known, etc.

We invite you to reflect on the God of your own understanding. We affirm that your thoughts and insights will have both landing gears as well as wings — as you walk the spiritual path on practical feet!

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Is There a Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow? Over the Rainbow, Under the Radar — A Spiritual Perspective

rainbow-goldIn this blogcast we’re going to show you where the ‘pot of gold’ is at the end of the rainbow. It’s not hard to find. People only think it is. When you find it, you’ll be able to fly under the radar of troublesome economic times or any other human challenge.

Let’s start with the most popular song about the rainbow: ‘Over the Rainbow’ (sometimes mistakenly called Somewhere Over the Rainbow) is a song with music by Harold Arlen and lyrics by E.Y. Harburg. It was written for the movie The Wizard of Oz, and it became Judy Garland’s signature song.

The song depicts a young girl’s desire to escape from the ‘hopeless jumble’ of this world, from the sadness of raindrops to the bright new world ‘over the rainbow.’ It expresses the childlike faith that a door will magically open to a place where ‘troubles melt like lemon-drops.’

The song is so popular that it tops the ‘Songs of the Century’ list compiled by the Recording Industry Association of America and the National Endowment for the Arts. Its lyrics are simple but compelling:

Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high
Somewhere over the rainbow blue birds fly
Somewhere over the rainbow the dreams that you dreamed of really do come true

Someday I’ll wish upon a star
Wake up where the clouds are far behind me
Where trouble melts like lemon drops
High above the chimney tops, that’s where you’ll find me.

Tens of millions of people today have joined Judy in that search. You may even be searching for the ‘pot of gold’ yourself.

The idea that a pot of gold can be found at rainbow’s end may have originated in Silesia, an obscure area of eastern Europe. It was said that angels put the gold at the end of the rainbow to give people something to strive for.

rainbow-gold-leprachaunHat-ca20258740Another version of the fable is that a leprechaun granted one wish to a couple who was very poor and had few possessions. They asked for gold. The materialism of the couple made the leprechaun so angry that he told them he put their riches in a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. As the story goes, the couple is still looking for the end of the rainbow.


Some Things You Should Know About Rainbows.

  • The human eye can detect seven colors in the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. They’re in order from the longest to the shortest wavelength.
  • While it is traditionally believed that rainbows are only composed of the seven colors mentioned above, rainbows are composed of a whole spectrum of colors from red to violet, including colors that the human eye can’t see.
  • There’s something else you should know about rainbows. You can’t go under a rainbow’s arch and come out the other side. According to the laws of physics since a rainbow is composed of light and water, it is always in front of you when your back is to the sun.The moment you attempt to go through it – poof – it vanishes. Physically, it vanishes because your perspective changes. Your relationship to it is different. We’ll mention its metaphysical implications a little later.


The Rainbow and the Bible

rainbow-water.258219-smallThe rainbow is mentioned twice in the Bible: in the first book (Genesis 9:13-14), and in the last book (Revelation 4:3; 10:1). In the literal account of Genesis God promises Noah that He will never flood the earth again. He tells Noah that He is placing a rainbow in the sky as a permanent sign of His covenant with humankind. The Revelation account refers back to the Genesis story.


Over the Rainbow, Under the Radar: A Spiritual Perspective

Many myths and traditions use the rainbow as a bridge which spans heaven and earth. It joins the physical world with the non-physical world. These myths are truer than you might think.

Let’s explore the phrase ‘under the radar.’ The phrase ‘flying under the radar’ originated as a military term to describe an aircraft’s being able to sneak into enemy territory without being spotted. However, the phrase has morphed into a useful non-military phrase which describes people and organizations who manage to stay ‘invisible’ when they don’t want to be noticed.

So where are we going with rainbows and radar in this blogcast?

We’re going to show you how you can go to the place Judy Garland
sang about: ‘where troubles melt like lemon drops.
It’s a place where you can fly under the radar.

In Talks on Truth, Unity’s co-founder, Charles Fillmore says: “We can follow the guidance of Spirit, the still small voice; or we can go blindly ahead and learn by the hard experience associated with giving into outer appearances.”

Another way of saying that is: Follow the rainbow so you can stay under the radar.

12PowersLogo-webThe rainbow we’re talking about is your innate, colorful spectrum of 12 fundamental spiritual abilities.* Charles Fillmore calls them spiritual powers. And the radar is our raised consciousness which protects us from enemies like: negativity, fear, doubt, jealousy, and hopelessness.

Charles Fillmore also called the 12 powers thrones that reflect the image of God within us. Each of these powerful spiritual qualities has tremendous transforming power. Jesus the Christ developed all 12 of them. Other mystics and masters have developed these spiritual powers. You have the opportunity to do the same.

When you quicken any of these 12 centers you move your human personality one step closer to fulfilling your divine nature, one step closer to moving beyond human limitations, one giant leap closer to fulfilling what you came to do.

The Unity message is this – you don’t have to look ‘out there’ for a ‘pot of gold.’ The truth is YOU ARE THE RAINBOW! Your body is a rainbow body. The colors of the rainbow are your 12 spiritual powers. And the ‘pot of gold’ is the Presence of God within you. The ‘pot of gold’ is the Presence of God within you. The ‘pot of gold’ is the Presence of God within you … (You get it — you can just keep repeating this phrase!)

You can experience that Presence now, later, or never. It can be a now thing, or a later thing, or a never thing. Cher and I encourage you to be a nowologist. Plan for the future, but live in the now. Stay under the radar.

Here’s a quick story to illustrate our point:

Two truth students are meditating with their spiritual leader. One of them is having difficulty getting centered and still. The wise old teacher catches him fidgeting and glancing at his watch.

Finally, he leans over to his disruptive pupil and says: “Relax. Nothing happens next.”

His student gives him a puzzled look.

This now moment is all you’ve got,” says the master teacher. “Enjoy it. Honor it. Now is all there is!”

The old teacher is right, of course. We all live in the eternal now. Our power lies in the now moment.

Life is a present tense experience. Jesus lived in the present tense. Gandhi lived in the present tense. Black Elk lived in the present tense. Charles and Myrtle Fillmore lived in the present tense.

The Indwelling Christ is the Present Tense. The Christ as us is eternal, omnipresent nowness. The ‘pot of gold’ is readily available.

rainbow.dove.258219-webYour search for the ‘pot of gold’ at the end of the rainbow is over when you realize you are the rainbow and the ‘pot of gold’ is your innate divinity.

When you come to that realization you will add stealth to your spiritual resume. You will be able to fly under the radar of troublesome outer appearances to that place ‘where troubles melt like lemon drops.

* The rainbow can also represent your seven major chakras. But that’s a perspective we’ll share in another blogcast.

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7 Tips to Use the Law of Attraction to Attract Money

Money-LawOfAttractionYep — we’re tackling that topic no one wants to talk about: Money and the Law of Attraction! You’ve heard about the Law of Attraction, right? Essentially it states that we draw into our experience that which we believe and accept for ourselves. What we focus on is what we attract. So you may be wondering why it doesn’t seem to be working for you … especially when it comes to money.

Here’s a powerful truth: The Law of Attraction is true, regardless of whether you believe it or not. And the Law of Attraction is working all the time — whether you focus on positive or negative. So let’s put it to work intentionally, so we see the results we desire!

Here are seven simple but transforming actions you can take right now to begin orchestrating the Law of Attraction so you attract the financial prosperity you so richly deserve. We recommend you use your journal to keep track of your experiences! (If you don’t have a journal, this is a great time to start one!)

Are you ready to experience incredible and amazing results? Let’s go!

money-blessing#1: Bless the money you have. To bless something means to confer abundance on it, so when you bless the money you have, you are actually affirming its growth. We love the scene in It’s a Wonderful Life, when the staff of the Building and Loan Company is celebrating their ability to stay in business after a run on the bank. At the close of business, there is a grant total of $2 remaining. As they cheer and march into the safe with the two single dollar bills, George Bailey exclaims: “A toast! A toast! A toast to Mama Dollar and to Papa Dollar, and if you want to keep this old Building and Loan in business, you better have a family real quick.”

Whenever you receive money, take a moment to bless it; whenever you spend money, take a moment to bless the recipient, affirming your money is going out to do good and will return to you multiplied.

#2: Keep track of exactly how you are currently spending your money. Write down every expenditure, without judgment or guilt. At the end of the week, evaluate your spending habits. Sometimes we spend money without realizing where it goes, and we end up using our resources for unimportant things. this shortchanges us when there is something we really want to do.

#3: Use Prosperity Affirmations on a regular basis. For example: I have now transcended all patterns of lack. I am rich and prosperous. Money flows to me easily and effortlessly, and I have plenty to share and plenty to spare. I am one with the Divine Law of Abundance, and give and receive joyfully and generously, knowing there is always plenty.

#4: Check out your beliefs about money. Really dig deep and discover your attitudes and feelings about money. Listen to how you talk about money. Do you believe you deserve to have money? How do you feel about people who have a lot of money at their disposal? How was money talked about as you grew up? What are your deepest fears related to money and  your life experience? As you uncover poverty consciousness or lack thinking, create new beliefs and begin affirming them for yourself. (For example, if you discover you believe it’s not right to have a lot of money, begin affirming the positive actions you can take when you have excess money available to you.)

#5: Change the way you talk about your financial situation. Become aware when you say things like, “I can’t afford that” or “I’m never going to be able to pay off these credit cards.” Change your language to affirm the results you want to see: “I choose not to spend my money on that right now.” “I am paying off these credit card debts with ease and grace!” (Bonus idea: Forgive yourself for debts you have incurred. Free yourself of guilt and self-recrimination, and focus on changing the situation.)

#6: Be grateful with everything you spend. When you write checks, we recommend that you physically write the word “Gladly” above the words “Pay to the order of …” When you pay bills on line, as you hit SEND, add a prayer of gratitude to the recipient and bless the transaction of energy. When you use cash, surround it with the energy of love.

#7: Make a list of how you would spend a large amount of money. In order to attract large amounts of money, you need to be ready to accept it by right of Consciousness. This means you need to begin thinking in in terms of large amounts of money, and feeling yourself having it. Think about what a large amount of money would be for you — then double it! Now make a list of exactly how you would spend it! Then be on the lookout for amazing things to happen.

SpiritualPractice-RandomActsBONUS TIP: Give! That’s right! When we give, it is a powerful confirmation of our belief that we have plenty. So find a way to give to something that really matters to you. You can give money, time, resources, creativity — there are endless ways to give. Giving and Receiving are intertwined, creating a cycle of flow. Look for ways to give — and be ready to receive with gratitude and grace.

(Based on excerpt from Living at the Speed of Life, by Cher Holton)

Photos used with permission:
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Spiritual Enrichment: Question Unquestioned Answers

Unquestioned-Answers-dtYour spiritual growth is not so much limited by unanswered questions as it is by unquestioned answers. You may want to read that statement again because it is the key to your spiritual growth. Your openness, curiosity and common sense will help you find the answers to unanswered questions. In our opinion, if you do not question unquestioned answers, you will stay stuck in the dogma and convention of a limited perspective, and find it difficult to grow spiritually.

Here’s a little proof about how easily we can get stuck in unquestioned answers! We have compiled a list of 14 myths (unquestioned answers) that people have believed for years – and perhaps still believe! You may believe in some of them yourself. We have also provided scientific rebuttals of all 14 of them, exposing them as myths.

Read all fourteen myths, and check the ones you once believed — or still believe! Then review the research that debunks them.

  1. cold-coldweather-ca16159794If you go outside in cold weather with wet hair, you will catch a cold. Colds are caused by hundreds of different viruses. These nasty germs are spread by direct contact with other infected people through a kiss, a sneeze, a handshake, etc. Being exposed to cold weather does not cause colds, though it may seem that way because colds are more likely to occur in cold weather. Because people tend to stay indoors more in cold weather, they create an atmosphere for germs to spread.
  2. Footprint-ca21384857We’re carbon-based beings and leave carbon footprints. The truth is we are more oxygen-based beings than we are carbon-based. Although it is guesstimated that 60 percent of our weight comes from water, 90 percent of the mass of water is oxygenated. So, oxygen accounts for most of our wet mass! For example, a person weighing 160 lbs. consists of about 96 lbs. of oxygen and his/her carbon content would account for only 35 lbs. of it. Isn’t that cool!
  3. EarthThe Earth is just 6,000 years old. Some Biblicists argue that Biblical chronology fixes the date of the creation of the Earth at a little over six thousand years old. Present-day creationists stubbornly believe in this version of the Earth’s timetable, in spite of overwhelming scientific evidence that the earth is well over 4.543 billion years old.
  4. FlatEarth-ca15125293The flat Earth myth. Actually, from at least the 14th century, belief in a flat Earth among the educated was almost nonexistent. The earliest of the flat-Earth promoters was Lactantius (AD 245-325), a professional rhetorician who converted to Christianity in mid-life. He rejected all of the Greek philosophies, and in doing so rejected a spherical Earth. His views were considered heresy by the Church. Pythagoras in the 6th century B.C.E. was one of the originators of the spherical earth idea. Aristotle in the 4th century B.C.E. provided the physical evidence.
  5. Shoes-Grass-ca20376961We separated ourselves from the earth when we invented shoes and decided to live in houses. Biologists and neurobiologists remind us that nitrogen atoms in our muscles once helped turn the sky blue, phosphorus in our bones helped turn the waves of an ancient ocean green, calcium in our teeth was mined from rocks by mushrooms, and iron in our blood once destroyed a star. We are composed of hydrogen atoms and subatomic particles like quarks, leptons, and gluons that were present at the Big Bang. Subatomic parts of us are 13.8 billion years old. We are made of Earth stuff and stardust.
  6. brainWe only use 10% of our brain capacity. Debunking this myth is a real ‘no brainer.’ Now that we know much more about neuroscience than we did 100 years ago, we can say for sure that we use much more than 10% of the brain. In fact, high-tech methods of studying the brain have not identified any inactive areas.
  7. concussion-ca15831462You need to stay awake if you’ve had a concussion. Concussions are relatively common, and while they always merit medical attention, they are rarely severe or life-threatening. Warnings to stay awake after a concussion most likely grew out of a misunderstanding about a particular type of head injury, one that involves brain bleeding where a ‘lucid period’ is followed by a coma or worse. However, this is very uncommon and doesn’t apply to people with mild concussions. If you’ve been evaluated by a doctor, and the doctor has diagnosed your having a mild concussion, you don’t need to worry about being woken up every hour.
  8. TV-TooClose-ca20017612Reading in the dark or sitting too close to the TV ruins your eyesight. Dim light, or staring into the multicolored tube at close range, can undoubtedly make your eyes work so hard they hurt. But there is no evidence that these practices cause long-term damage.
  9. Glass of waterYou should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. In general, we are not all walking around in a dehydrated state, since our bodies are very good at regulating our fluid levels. The eight-glasses-a-day myth likely started in 1945 when the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Research Council said adults should take in about 2.5 liters of water a day (equivalent to about eight glasses). While most media outlets reported just that, the council actually went on to explain that most of the 2.5 liters comes from food. Technically, the recommendation should read: Drink, or eat, about eight glasses of fluid a day.
  10. Kangaroo-CoffeeDrinking coffee will help you to sober up. The following comment will probably be a sobering one for most people. Coffee has no effect on reversing the effects of intoxication. Coffee contains caffeine that stimulates the nervous system. This may cause an intoxicated person to become more alert, but they will be no less inebriated. The only thing you can do is wait. As far as we know there is no way to increase the rate at which your body eliminates alcohol.
  11. Thermometer-ca20478596It is best to starve a fever and feed a cold. It will not help to lower your fever if you do not eat. Actually, severely limiting your food intake while you are sick, whether it is with a fever or a cold, hinders the healing process. However, don’t force yourself to eat if you don’t feel well enough to eat as much as normal. It is more important to hydrate yourself by drinking a lot of liquids, because fevers promote the loss of fluids.
  12. razor-ca22041678Shaving causes your hair to grow back thicker and darker. Shaving is a surface procedure. Below the surface is where the appearance and texture of your hair is decided. Therefore, shaving cannot make your hair grow back thicker, darker, or coarser. Your hair may appear thicker and coarser because of the appearance of stubble, but rest assured, shaving does not cause your hair to grow back thicker and darker.
  13. CrackKnuckles-ca15312376Cracking your knuckles too often will cause arthritis. All knuckle-cracking enthusiasts can continue their ‘knuckle cracking habit’ without fear of causing arthritis. There is no medical evidence supporting this long-held belief. Arthritis is caused by normal wear and tear on the joints throughout life. This natural breakdown of cartilage tissue can be exacerbated by infections or injuries to the joints. You should be careful because knuckle cracking can injure your joints.
  14. frog-ca20536710If you handle frogs or toads, you’ll get warts. Guess what? You can keep kissing frogs without fear. Holding frogs or toads will not give you warts. Warts are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV), and are spread through human contact. So, even though their bumpy exterior may make you think otherwise, toads and frogs have nothing to do with warts.

Ask yourself these two questions: How many of these debunked myths surprised you? Are you going to accept the evidence to the contrary or are you going to continue believing in the myth?

Now read the following growing-edge spiritual statements:

  1. Heaven and hell are not places you go to when you die. They are states of consciousness you experience while you’re living.
  2. There is no anthropomorphic God in the sky who rewards believers and punishes ‘sinners.’
  3. You are the Eternal Presence (Pure Beingness, God, the Infinite Isness, Divine Mind, etc.) expressing in human form as you.

Question.AnswerIf you haven’t thought about these issues from this perspective, spend some quality time in research and introspection. All of these statements are our responses to religious “unquestioned answers” and are contrary to mainstream dogmatic views. Are these three statements myths or are they myth busters?

The value of adding ‘Questioning Unquestioned Answers’ as a spiritual practice is to get you thinking in terms of making questioning unquestioned answers a habit. Find other examples of conventional ‘wisdom’ and/or religious biases and challenge those biases, beliefs, and myths. Are ‘facts’ really facts or only opinions or assumptions? How valid are the things you’ve been taught and believe when it comes to higher thought teachings?

The key principle of this spiritual practice is this: Make it a spiritual practice to question any and all unquestioned answers … as you walk the spiritual path on practical feet!

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Make Your Travel a Spiritual Practice — World Travel Doesn’t Have to be Whirled Travel


It’s the travel time of year, when we plan vacations to experience new  and exciting adventures. Expansive travel can unlock vast natural wonders that inspire awe, as well as open up a sense of connection to history, with jaunts into haunts that place you in vistas that are thrilling, yet foreign to you. However, world travel can quickly become “whirled travel” if you get caught up in the logistics, tourism, and flight delays that go along with it.

World travel offers you the kind of adventures that invite you into new landscapes which lure you away from your comfort zone and guarantee a transformational experience. But you’ve got to realize that travel as a knee deep, wide eyed, excursion into unfamiliar settings can also be an extraordinarily fulfilling spiritual practice.

It has been our experience that travel always adds to your spiritual resume. It takes you out of your routines and comfort zones. It demands traveling at the pace of your spiritual unfoldment. When you travel as a spiritual practice, the walls separating ‘you’ and ‘them,’ and ‘self’ and ‘other’ begin to crumble. Or perhaps they just dissipate because they were illusions in the first place. The thought will occur to you: How far do I really have to travel to discover the real me?

As much as we love to travel, domestically and internationally, for spiritual purposes as well as vacations, we are also fans of Carl Jung’s fantabulous observation: People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own souls. They will practice yoga… observe a strict regimen of diet, learn theosophy by heart, or mechanically repeat mystic texts… all because they cannot get on with themselves and have not the slightest faith that anything useful could ever come out of their own souls.”

WorldInHandsHis wisdom serves as a reminder that although travel can be a transformational experience, you don’t have to travel thousands of miles to ‘find’ your innate divinity. It’s just a thought, insight, affirmation, meditation, prayer, or mantra away. Still, there’s something about physical travel to distant places and environments that compels us to experience the unfamiliar so we can get in better touch with the familiar! And that ‘something’ is the deeper, more transcendent part of us that knows that the world, and the entire universe, for that matter, are simply parts of us that we haven’t fully explored.

Getting in touch with other geographies reminds us of our own geography. As John Primack and Nancy Ellen Abrams remind us in their splendid book, The View From the Center of the Universe:

Field-InfinitePotentialEach of us is an atomic pastiche: the iron atoms in our blood carrying oxygen at this moment to our cells came largely from exploding white dwarf stars, while the oxygen itself came mainly from exploding supernovas that ended the lives of massive stars, and most of the carbon in the carbon dioxide we exhale on every breath came from planetary nebulas, the death clouds of middle-sized stars a little bigger than our sun. We are made of material created and ejected into the Galaxy by the violence of earlier stars. Human beings are made of the rarest material in the universe: stardust. Except for hydrogen, which makes up about a tenth of our weight, the rest of our body is stardust. Our bodies literally has the entire history of the universe, witnessed and enacted by our atoms.

Your physical travel is an extension of the changes in your inner landscape. It is a journey that is an interior renovation, because you will come back a more updated version of your former self.

world-keyHere’s How This Spiritual Practice Works: Turn travel, even if it’s on a short leash (domestic travel), into a spiritual practice. Remind yourself you are taking sooooo much more than just your bags; you are leaving behind sooooo much more than just a home address; you are trading the ‘old’ you for the ‘new’ you; and you have the opportunity to journey sooooo much further than just the miles to your destination, because the real trip is an inner trek. It is an expansion in consciousness.

Here are several spiritual vacations you can take as you travel within:

  • Find time to meditate everyday.
  • Bless each meal with a prayer.
  • Mentally connect with the essence of your experiences, appreciate the underlying satisfaction each one brings.
  • Enjoy sunsets and starry nights.
  • Read spiritual literature.
  • Each night celebrate at least three things you are grateful for that you experienced that day.
  • Purchase a spiritual memento.
  • Mentally greet everyone you see with a silent “Namaste.”
  • Add visits to spiritual places as sacred grounds during your trip.
  • Build in time for mini spiritual retreats – include silent retreats.
  • Practice random acts of kindness.
  • Chant.
  • Recite mantras.
  • Make belly laughs a habit.
  • Commune with nature.
  • Take care of the environment.
  • Make respect, compassion, and non-judgmentalness your decisions.
  • Dine on spiritual hors d’ oeurves.
  • Sing spiritual and inspirational songs you know out loud.
  • Add a couple of other spiritual practices to the ones we’ve mentioned.
  • Work all things together for good.
  • Enjoy your trip … as you walk the spiritual path on practical feet!

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Hollywood & Metaphysics: How to Interpret Any Movie From a Metaphysical or Spiritual Perspective

clapboard-Film-CanEveryone loves a good movie! The problem is, everyone has a different opinion of which movies should be termed “good!” But one thing we’ve learned is this: Regardless of the movie, there is always a deeper message to be found. We love to look at movies from a deeper, more spiritual level, interpreting them metaphysically to see what we can discover about ourselves and our soul growth.

From a highly spiritual perspective, a metaphysical interpretation of ANYTHING means seeing people, places, things, and events that happen ‘out there’ as human and spiritual qualities, talents, and abilities, beliefs, habits, etc. within us. So any movie can be interpreted as symbolizing what is going on inside of us. The people, animals, events, set, costumes, locations, etc. can be seen as qualities and traits within us.

Here’s the process:

SpiritualAdventure-ClapboardStep One:     Watch the movie! Just enjoy the film and have fun.

Step Two:   Write a 1-3 sentence synopsis of what you feel the overall theme of the movie was, from a literal point of view.

Step Three: Create a list of the key things that stood out for you:

  • Characters
  • Locations
  • Scenes
  • Set/costume/design elements

Step Four:   Look back over your list of key things, and ask yourself the following question for each item on your list:

What might this person, place, or thing represent within me?

Step Five:    Review your responses, and then create a 1-3 sentence synopsis of the movie from a metaphysical perspective.

For an example of how we have metaphysically interpreted some popular movies, check out these past blogs:



We affirm that you will never view a movie in the same way again! No matter what the movie is, you can always discover a deeper, spiritually-enriching meaning — as you walk the spiritual path on practical feet.

© Bil and Cher Holton, YourSpiritualPractice.com

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