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The Spiritual Lesson from Dinosaurs: The Chicxulub Impact

Around 65 million years ago an event is believed to have occurred that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. It was called the Chicxulub Impact, which was believed to be the result of an asteroid’s or comet’s superbolide impact (a … Continue reading

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The Binary Us Must Go! Your Spiritual Choice

A binary star system is a star system consisting of two suns orbiting around a common center of mass. The brighter sun is called the primary sun and the second sun is its companion sun or secondary star. About half … Continue reading

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The Perfect Election — from a Spiritual Perspective

Whether it’s President Obama’s scant uptick of 0.1% in the projected popular vote, constant election projections, electoral predictions, battleground state concerns, tight race data from scholars and pundits, incumbency advantage assumptions, snap poll results, national debate chatter, gender gaps, media … Continue reading

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