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3 Powerful Lessons From Dr. Martin Luther King to Master the Art of Living

Have you seen the Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial on the National mall? The 30 foot high monument shows Dr. King with his arms crossed standing just outside the confines of a huge pillar of rough cut stone. The design … Continue reading

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More Spiritual Than Religious

More than half of those who do not attend church services and seventy-five percent of those who once attended and then stopped attending mainstream churches (we affectionately call them church alumni) consider themselves to be more spiritual than religious. Since … Continue reading

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Working All Things Together For Good: Metaphysical Meaning of Romans 8:28

An eight year old boy and a seven year old girl each want a juicy red apple. Unfortunately, the apple of their eye is six feet above their heads on a tree. They arrive at the insight that if the … Continue reading

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