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Spiritual versus Religious?

What’s the Difference Between Spirituality and Religion? This question spawns a lot of late-night discussions and coffee-charged debates. But essentially it is more an issue of where we are in our journey to enlightenment! We wrote a blog article recently … Continue reading

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The Christ Child … from a metaphysical perspective

While we encourage you to enjoy the traditional Nativity story which has been celebrated thousands of times, we also invite you to take a more spiritual than religious look at the Nativity story as well. We believe this highly spiritual … Continue reading

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Spiritual Practice: Avoid Manacled Miniaturization

Since we cater to more spiritual than religious appetites, this blogcast features a spiritual practice that is the perfect practice to foster the avoidance of manacled miniaturization! You might be asking, “What on earth is Manacled Miniaturization?” Let us explain! Manacled means … Continue reading

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How to Master the Art of Living: Spiritual Traveler’s Alerts

It is that time of year when people are on the move, with vacations and other special traveling opportunities! We love to travel—and we consider ourselves travel savvy—but we’ve also had some very interesting experiences in our journeys! Years ago, when we were traveling … Continue reading

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How the Goldilocks Zone can be a Spiritual Practice

If you are thinking this is a blog about the familiar fairy tale of Goldilocks, you are in for a surprise! We are talking state-of-the-art science here! But there is a relationship! Let’s explain. Given any star in the universe, quantum … Continue reading

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Spiritual Practice: Avoid Suicide Wraps

Suicide Wraps? Wow, that sounds kind of scary, doesn’t it? In the rodeo industry, a suicide wrap is a particular rope wrap bull riders use when wrapping the bull rope around their hand. The wrap allows the cowboy enough leverage … Continue reading

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Trusting Your Intuition: Tickling the Ant as a Spiritual Practice

The most often quoted ‘ant verse’ from the Hebrew Testament is Proverbs 6:6. “Be like the ant,” says Solomon, “consider her ways, and be wise” (the Holy Bible from Lamsa’s Aramaic of the Peshitta). The King James Bible is a little … Continue reading

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