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Taking a Spiritual Vacation to “New Zeal Land”

Metaphysical interpretation of Elijah and Elisha — discover the “New Zeal Land” for spiritual enrichment. Continue reading

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Take the Handcuffs Off! A Spiritual Practice to Free You from Lack Consciousness and Negativity

Taking your handcuffs off is a spiritual practice that frees you from the enshacklement of over-consumption, negativity, and a lack consciousness. It encourages you to relinquish such things as: harsh judgmentalness; fear; doubt; laziness; feeling unworthy; rudeness; lack of diplomacy; … Continue reading

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The Spiritual Practice of Abracadabra-ing

This spiritual practice employs mindfulness meditation, affirmative prayer, visualization, and positive affirmations as the open sesames to healing and enlightenment. Continue reading

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Critter Control: From a Spiritual Perspective

Three campers were setting up their campsite when a bear suddenly appeared. Two of the campers saw the bear and climbed a nearby tree. The third camper, who was not as observant, wasn’t fast enough to escape. He threw himself … Continue reading

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Spiritual Practice: Avoid Manacled Miniaturization

Since we cater to more spiritual than religious appetites, this blogcast features a spiritual practice that is the perfect practice to foster the avoidance of manacled miniaturization! You might be asking, “What on earth is Manacled Miniaturization?” Let us explain! Manacled means … Continue reading

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Spiritual Oneness: Now You See It, Now You Don’t

We’re going to mess with your mind a bit in this blog article. Our topic is based on the unfortunate impression many people have that we are separated from Spirit, that we are here and God and our good are … Continue reading

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How to Master the Art of Living: Spiritual Traveler’s Alerts

It is that time of year when people are on the move, with vacations and other special traveling opportunities! We love to travel—and we consider ourselves travel savvy—but we’ve also had some very interesting experiences in our journeys! Years ago, when we were traveling … Continue reading

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