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Is Your Brain Wired for Awe? The Neurobiology of Spiritual Practices

There is growing evidence that suggests our brains may be naturally wired — by experience or by design — for spirituality. Researchers pioneering the neurobiology of spiritual practices hope to answer questions that have challenged spiritual and religious thinkers for centuries.
We are convinced that one day, scientists and spiritual teachers alike will agree that each cell, every molecule, each atom in our physical bodies is a sacred tabernacle of Spirit. Continue reading

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Spiritual Big Bang! The Decline and Fall of Error (Or … Lessons from Green Peas and Mustard Seeds)

Are you ready for a little deep thinking? Grab a cup of coffee or tea, and open your mind for some Big Bang comparisons of good and error, and some lessons from green peas and mustard seeds! Our capacity for … Continue reading

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How to Move From an Old Leash to a New Lease on Life

Three campers were setting up their campsite when a mountain lion suddenly appeared. Two of the campers saw the intruder and climbed a nearby tree. The third camper who was not as observant wasn’t fast enough to escape. He threw … Continue reading

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