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The Anti-Christ Is Closer Than Objects in Your Rearview Mirror

You’ve probably heard about ‘the’ Anti-Christ. He is purported to be a powerful demonic figure who is pure concentrated evil from head to foot. As boogie man Satan, he challenged the goodness of Jesus Christ when Jesus began His ministry, … Continue reading

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Can the Future Affect the Past?

What if, as a spiritual being, you can — through profound meditative and mystical experiences and dreams — connect with the other versions of yourself that exist in the other dimensions of your being? Continue reading

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Spiritual Oneness: Now You See It, Now You Don’t

We’re going to mess with your mind a bit in this blog article. Our topic is based on the unfortunate impression many people have that we are separated from Spirit, that we are here and God and our good are … Continue reading

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Lent from a Spiritual Not Religious Perspective: Fasting and Feasting

There are two ways to get to the top of an oak tree. You can climb it, or you can sit on an acorn! Both are perfectly viable ways, although one takes the patience of Job. There are also two … Continue reading

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A Spiritual Message for Halloween: Darth Vader and Mask-Unfusion

It is getting close to October 31 — that day when a lot of us enjoy disguising ourselves with Halloween masks. Mask come from the Latin mascus for “mask” or “character.” They have been used since antiquity for both ceremonial and … Continue reading

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From Insecurity to In Security: The #1 Tip to Never Be Insecure Again

From a personal safety and sense of well-being standpoint, the word security is usually defined as: freedom from risk or danger; the assurance of protection and safety; freedom from doubt, anxiety, or fear. So, insecurity could be defined as not … Continue reading

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Getting the 7th and 8th Beatitudes Right: Metaphysical Interpretation of Matthew 5:9-10

These past few weeks we’ve shared the deeper spiritual meanings and more correct interpretations of six of the nine Beatitudes from an Aramaically-enhanced metaphysical perspective. In this blogcast we are adding metaphysical light to the  7th and 8th Beatitudes, found … Continue reading

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