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Spiritual Oneness: Now You See It, Now You Don’t

We’re going to mess with your mind a bit in this blog article. Our topic is based on the unfortunate impression many people have that we are separated from Spirit, that we are here and God and our good are … Continue reading

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Getting the 1st and 2nd Beatitudes Right: A Metaphysical Interpretation

As far as we know Jesus, the man, never wrote anything down. He never had a bestseller in bookstores, on Kindle, in Nook, or in Smashwords. He never wrote an autobiography. Never scribbled anything on an envelop or in Pinterest. … Continue reading

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Wisdom Teeth: Metaphysical Interpretation of Luke 2

In this blogcast we’re going to talk about “wisdom teeth,” and we can assure you it has nothing to do with enamel, brushing, or flossing. Do you remember the Biblical story in Luke Chapter 2, about 12 year old Jesus … Continue reading

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