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3 Powerful Lessons From Dr. Martin Luther King to Master the Art of Living

Have you seen the Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial on the National mall? The 30 foot high monument shows Dr. King with his arms crossed standing just outside the confines of a huge pillar of rough cut stone. The design … Continue reading

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At the Corner of Forgiveness and Inner Peace

Note from Bil & Cher: Today’s blog is a little long, but we promise it will be worth your time! Not only do we metaphysically interpret Matthew 12:31-32; Mark 3:29; and Luke 12:10 (they’re all say basically the same thing); we … Continue reading

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Metaphysical Interpretation of Luke 6:27-36: Love is My Decision

Luke 6:27-36 comes from what is know as the Sermon on the Plain ~ which contains much of the same passages as found in the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew. For those with historical interests, some scholars believe the Sermon … Continue reading

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