What Does the Virgin Birth Mean — From a Spiritual Perspective?

NativityStainGlassAccording to the well-known Biblical account, the archangel Gabriel promised virgin Mary that she would give birth to “the Son of the Highest.” 

She replied “How shall this be, seeing I know not a man?” And the angel answered, “The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee: therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God.” And thus, according to the literal interpretation of scripture, the Blessed Virgin Mary immaculately conceived Jesus.

A Little History About Virgin Births (To skip to our MetaSpiritual Interpretation, just scroll further down!)

You may be interested to know that Mary was herself believed to have been born of a virgin. The ancient traditions assert that Mary’s parents were filled and purified by the Holy Ghost, and freed from the need for sexual intercourse. Roman Catholicism holds that the ‘genetic material’ of which Mary was formed was pure and holy.

Actually, virgin births are an unbelievably common theme found in antiquity of the world’s Messianic traditions. We will share a few of these immaculate conceptions in this blogcast and then conclude with our MetaSpiritual interpretation of the virgin birth phenomenon. You may want to fasten your seat belt.

The most likely oldest account on record (before 2500 BCE) of this timeless tradition of immaculately born ‘Saviors’ is the birth of Mithra, who was the divine offspring of Anahita, according to Vedic tradition. And, according to the ancient Babylonian Epic Gilgamesh, Aruru immaculately conceived Enkidu by fashioning him from a rock.

Lotus-1According to a very old Buddhic tradition, the virgin Maya gives birth to Shakyamuni Buddha, and conceives him when she dreams that a beautiful white elephant (an Eastern symbol of the Holy Spirit) approached her carrying a lotus blossom and entered her womb. From another Buddhic tradition Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche) was immaculately conceived without a mother or a father when he was conceived from a lotus blossom. His name literally means ‘lotus born.’

According to Hindu mythology, the Hindu Savior and demon slayer Karttikeya was born from a seed of Shiva. Also, the Pandava brothers, the central heroes of the famous Hindu spiritual epic the Mahabharata, were born of virgin mothers.

Hephaistos (Vulcan to the Romans) was immaculately conceived by Hera “without love’s physical union.” The Greek hero Perseus was the immaculately born son of princess Danae.

According to the Greek philosopher Speusippus, ‘the divine’ Plato was the ‘son of Apollo’ and was himself immaculately conceived. The Romans share a similar story when they report that chaste Rhea Silvia was a Vestal Virgin that bore two sons, Romulus and Remus, who were the legendary forbears of the Roman civilization. They were celebrated as the divine sons of the god Mars.

The Greek Dionysus (the Roman Bacchus) was born to the virgin Semele, who was divinely impregnated by Zeus. Krishna (the Hindu Christ) was immaculately conceived by his virgin mother Devaki through the process of mental transmission by Vasudeva.

Isis was the Divine Mother of the Egyptian pantheon and the virgin mother of the Egyptian Christ, Horus. And Nut, was the virgin mother of the Egyptian Savior Osiris.

According to Aztec legend, Huitzilopochtli was immaculately conceived by his virgin mother Coatlicue and was said to have sprung from her womb fully formed. In another Aztec legend, the virgin Chimalman conceived Quetzalcoatl who became the Aztec Christ.

Mayan legend holds that the virgin maiden Xquic conceived the hero-twins, Hunahpu and Xbalanque (the central figures of a narrative included within the colonial K’iche’ document called Popol Vuh which is the oldest Mayan myth to have been preserved in its entirety). The Persian Savior, Zoroaster (Zarathustra), was born of the virgin mother Dughdova.

rainbow-water.258219-smallAccording to Chinese mythology, the virgin Moyë was walking along a river bank, when she became suddenly enveloped by a rainbow and conceived the divine son, Fohi. The Chinese Christ, Fu Xi, and the great Chinese hero, Hou Chi, were immaculately conceived when their mothers stepped into the footprint of the God of Thunder.

The hero Chuchulainn was born of the solar god Lugh and his physical father was the prophet Sualtimh (who was also said to be of virgin birth). Chuchulainn was immaculately conceived by the maiden Dechtire.

Dung Ming, founder of the Korean race, was born of a harem virgin. According to Mongolian legend, virgin Alan-ko gave birth to Bodunchar who was conceived when an ethereal being of light stroked her stomach.

The fabled magician Merlin was also believed to have been immaculately conceived by a virgin maiden of high royal lineage who was ‘touched’ by a deity from the Otherworld. The great sage and magician Taliesin was the immaculate progeny of the sorceress Ceridwyn.

There is also a Celtic hero named Mabon ap Modron who was the immaculate progeny of a solar deity and a river goddess. Metaphysically, Mabon represents the timeless saga of our super-consciousness being imprisoned by the ego and our soul journey to free ourselves from its material influence. Actually, this MetaSpiritual meaning can be attributed to all of the immaculately conceived Saviors from all of the world’s faith traditions.

From the Native American tradition, Changing Woman of the Navajo immaculately conceived the twins Nayenezgani and Tobadjishtchini when she stepped dripping with water into the light of the sun. Also, according to Pueblo mythology, Posayamo was born to a virgin who was eating pine nuts. The Apache cultural hero Child-of-the-Water was immaculately born to White-Painted-Woman. Deganawida of the Seneca was born to a Huron virgin.

A MetaSpiritual Perspective of the Virgin Birth

HealingHands-SpiritualityFrom a MetaSpiritual perspective, the virginal birth archetypes throughout history are metaphors for the Christ Principle (God, the Eternal Presence, Brahman, our Divine Nature, etc.) becoming manifest (unfolding, expressing Itself) in human form as us. As you can see, the drama of the immaculate conception is not the exclusive property of any one religion or world ideology. It is the universal story of the unmanifest Christ Principle becoming manifest!

This virginal Christ Presence (Principle) is the Only Begotten Son which comes out of the cosmic union of fire (Spirit) and water (matter). What’s more, a Christed idea is a virgin birth. A Buddhic insight is a virgin birth. A Krishnic choice is a virgin birth. A Great Spirit action is a virgin birth.

While we encourage you to enjoy the traditional virgin birth narrative in the Nativity story which has been celebrated millions of times, we also invite you to take a more spiritual than religious look at the virgin birth story as well. We believe a highly spiritual look, based on a MetaSpiritual perspective, will deepen your spirituality and expand your overall awareness when it comes to realizing the truth about who you really are – a spiritual being having a human experience.

MetaSpiritually, and uncommon-sensically, the ‘Christ Child’ is born whenever anyone comes to the virginal conscious realization that he or she is the Cosmic Christ expressing in human form as him/her. It is a pristine moment of enlightenment. It is an immaculate conception (the rare, but highly receptive, intuitive readiness for the Truth). It is an unblemished, pure, and stainless mystical insight into our True Spiritual Nature.

That is the spiritual essence of the traditional virgin birth stories. From a MetaSpiritual perspective, it is the blossoming (birth) of our higher awareness of that great Truth! In a much more expanded and 21st century-ized sense, every newly-formed Christed thought and idea, pioneering Christ-centric choice, and authentic Christed action is a virgin birth.

Our eternal wish for you is that you will give birth to many ‘virgin births’ of pure, unadulterated super-conscious Truths and insights as you walk the spiritual path on practical, more enlightened and Christ-aware feet. The more virgin births in your thought universe that you consciously orchestrate, the more enlightened and Self-Realized you will become!

Merry Christmas from Bil andCherHolton

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