Is There a Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow? Over the Rainbow, Under the Radar — A Spiritual Perspective

rainbow-goldIn this blogcast we’re going to show you where the ‘pot of gold’ is at the end of the rainbow. It’s not hard to find. People only think it is. When you find it, you’ll be able to fly under the radar of troublesome economic times or any other human challenge.

Let’s start with the most popular song about the rainbow: ‘Over the Rainbow’ (sometimes mistakenly called Somewhere Over the Rainbow) is a song with music by Harold Arlen and lyrics by E.Y. Harburg. It was written for the movie The Wizard of Oz, and it became Judy Garland’s signature song.

The song depicts a young girl’s desire to escape from the ‘hopeless jumble’ of this world, from the sadness of raindrops to the bright new world ‘over the rainbow.’ It expresses the childlike faith that a door will magically open to a place where ‘troubles melt like lemon-drops.’

The song is so popular that it tops the ‘Songs of the Century’ list compiled by the Recording Industry Association of America and the National Endowment for the Arts. Its lyrics are simple but compelling:

Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high
Somewhere over the rainbow blue birds fly
Somewhere over the rainbow the dreams that you dreamed of really do come true

Someday I’ll wish upon a star
Wake up where the clouds are far behind me
Where trouble melts like lemon drops
High above the chimney tops, that’s where you’ll find me.

Tens of millions of people today have joined Judy in that search. You may even be searching for the ‘pot of gold’ yourself.

The idea that a pot of gold can be found at rainbow’s end may have originated in Silesia, an obscure area of eastern Europe. It was said that angels put the gold at the end of the rainbow to give people something to strive for.

rainbow-gold-leprachaunHat-ca20258740Another version of the fable is that a leprechaun granted one wish to a couple who was very poor and had few possessions. They asked for gold. The materialism of the couple made the leprechaun so angry that he told them he put their riches in a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. As the story goes, the couple is still looking for the end of the rainbow.


Some Things You Should Know About Rainbows.

  • The human eye can detect seven colors in the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. They’re in order from the longest to the shortest wavelength.
  • While it is traditionally believed that rainbows are only composed of the seven colors mentioned above, rainbows are composed of a whole spectrum of colors from red to violet, including colors that the human eye can’t see.
  • There’s something else you should know about rainbows. You can’t go under a rainbow’s arch and come out the other side. According to the laws of physics since a rainbow is composed of light and water, it is always in front of you when your back is to the sun.The moment you attempt to go through it – poof – it vanishes. Physically, it vanishes because your perspective changes. Your relationship to it is different. We’ll mention its metaphysical implications a little later.


The Rainbow and the Bible

rainbow-water.258219-smallThe rainbow is mentioned twice in the Bible: in the first book (Genesis 9:13-14), and in the last book (Revelation 4:3; 10:1). In the literal account of Genesis God promises Noah that He will never flood the earth again. He tells Noah that He is placing a rainbow in the sky as a permanent sign of His covenant with humankind. The Revelation account refers back to the Genesis story.


Over the Rainbow, Under the Radar: A Spiritual Perspective

Many myths and traditions use the rainbow as a bridge which spans heaven and earth. It joins the physical world with the non-physical world. These myths are truer than you might think.

Let’s explore the phrase ‘under the radar.’ The phrase ‘flying under the radar’ originated as a military term to describe an aircraft’s being able to sneak into enemy territory without being spotted. However, the phrase has morphed into a useful non-military phrase which describes people and organizations who manage to stay ‘invisible’ when they don’t want to be noticed.

So where are we going with rainbows and radar in this blogcast?

We’re going to show you how you can go to the place Judy Garland
sang about: ‘where troubles melt like lemon drops.
It’s a place where you can fly under the radar.

In Talks on Truth, Unity’s co-founder, Charles Fillmore says: “We can follow the guidance of Spirit, the still small voice; or we can go blindly ahead and learn by the hard experience associated with giving into outer appearances.”

Another way of saying that is: Follow the rainbow so you can stay under the radar.

12PowersLogo-webThe rainbow we’re talking about is your innate, colorful spectrum of 12 fundamental spiritual abilities.* Charles Fillmore calls them spiritual powers. And the radar is our raised consciousness which protects us from enemies like: negativity, fear, doubt, jealousy, and hopelessness.

Charles Fillmore also called the 12 powers thrones that reflect the image of God within us. Each of these powerful spiritual qualities has tremendous transforming power. Jesus the Christ developed all 12 of them. Other mystics and masters have developed these spiritual powers. You have the opportunity to do the same.

When you quicken any of these 12 centers you move your human personality one step closer to fulfilling your divine nature, one step closer to moving beyond human limitations, one giant leap closer to fulfilling what you came to do.

The Unity message is this – you don’t have to look ‘out there’ for a ‘pot of gold.’ The truth is YOU ARE THE RAINBOW! Your body is a rainbow body. The colors of the rainbow are your 12 spiritual powers. And the ‘pot of gold’ is the Presence of God within you. The ‘pot of gold’ is the Presence of God within you. The ‘pot of gold’ is the Presence of God within you … (You get it — you can just keep repeating this phrase!)

You can experience that Presence now, later, or never. It can be a now thing, or a later thing, or a never thing. Cher and I encourage you to be a nowologist. Plan for the future, but live in the now. Stay under the radar.

Here’s a quick story to illustrate our point:

Two truth students are meditating with their spiritual leader. One of them is having difficulty getting centered and still. The wise old teacher catches him fidgeting and glancing at his watch.

Finally, he leans over to his disruptive pupil and says: “Relax. Nothing happens next.”

His student gives him a puzzled look.

This now moment is all you’ve got,” says the master teacher. “Enjoy it. Honor it. Now is all there is!”

The old teacher is right, of course. We all live in the eternal now. Our power lies in the now moment.

Life is a present tense experience. Jesus lived in the present tense. Gandhi lived in the present tense. Black Elk lived in the present tense. Charles and Myrtle Fillmore lived in the present tense.

The Indwelling Christ is the Present Tense. The Christ as us is eternal, omnipresent nowness. The ‘pot of gold’ is readily available.

rainbow.dove.258219-webYour search for the ‘pot of gold’ at the end of the rainbow is over when you realize you are the rainbow and the ‘pot of gold’ is your innate divinity.

When you come to that realization you will add stealth to your spiritual resume. You will be able to fly under the radar of troublesome outer appearances to that place ‘where troubles melt like lemon drops.

* The rainbow can also represent your seven major chakras. But that’s a perspective we’ll share in another blogcast.

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© (all photo except 12 Powers)
12 Powers: © Cher Holton


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