The Anti-Christ Is Closer Than Objects in Your Rearview Mirror

rearviewMirror-dt10095642You’ve probably heard about ‘the’ Anti-Christ. He is purported to be a powerful demonic figure who is pure concentrated evil from head to foot. As boogie man Satan, he challenged the goodness of Jesus Christ when Jesus began His ministry, and he will seek to over-throw Jesus Christ in the end of times.

DarthVader-dreamstime_xs_26405449To use a modern day analogy, ‘the’ Anti-Christ makes Darth Vader look like a bully ‘wannabe’ instead of the powerful movie character he is portrayed to be. Similar to the mythical boogie man who is used by adults or older children to frighten younger children so they’ll behave, ‘The’ Anti-Christ is believed to be the highly intelligent, primordial, demonic, anthropomorphic beast that is the epitome of ‘the lawless one’ and is the ‘son of perdition.’ He is the resident evil of the dark side of creation. Organized religion, it seems, is using the mythical Anti-Christ to frighten ‘sinful’ adults into good behavior.

Mainstream Christian Beliefs About the Anti-Christ

The concept of ‘the’ Anti-Christ is primarily a mainstream Christian teaching both in the Bible and in many ecclesiastical writings and eschatological systems.* The words ‘antichrist’ and ‘antichrists’ occur five times in 1 John and 2 John in the New Testament. And in the Book of Revelation, the Beast (False Prophet) is believed to be the Anti-Christ, although the Anti-Christ is not mentioned specifically.

According to Christian tradition ‘the’ ecclesiastical Anti-Christ is the False Messiah. Millions of Christians still express a fervent belief in the imminence of a literal Anti-Christ. Christians have been so maniacally and methodically programmed through the centuries to believe in ‘the’ Anti-Christ that the ‘boogie man son of perdition’ has become lodged in their collective DNA.

Fortunately, the anti-Christ theme has morphed – well, sorta kinda. Mainstream Christians also hold that anyone who opposes the divinity of Jesus Christ is an anti-Christ. John and Jane Doe anti-Christ’s are people who deny that Jesus is the Christ, that He is the true Messiah, or that He is fully God.

This expanded lunacy has dispersed the anti-Christ personality into the multitudes, labeling certain barbaric and diabolical people as anti-Christs. This is sorta kinda a step in the right direction. It at least identifies human beings who have lost their way by exhibiting anti-Christ behavior.

Other Faith Traditions’ Beliefs About the Anti-Christ

For example, in Jewish eschatology, Armilus is the anti-Messiah and in Islamic eschatology, Masih ad-Dajjal is the anti-Messiah. In Mormonism, Lucifer is the Anti-Christ. Many Protestant reformers, including Martin Luther, John Calvin, Thomas Cranmer, John Knox, and William Tyndale, claimed that the Roman Papacy was the Antichrist.

The following people have been labeled as sinister incarnations of ‘the’ Anti-Christ because of their extreme wickedness and inhumanity: Antiochus Epiphanes, Belial, Caligula, Nero Caesar, Peter the Great of Russia, a host of Catholic Popes, Charlrmagne, Napoleon Bonaparte, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Benito Musolini, Francisco Franco, Muammar Gaddafi, Ayatollah Khomeini, and Francisco Nguema, to name a few.

AntiChrist-dtAs you can see, the over-all presumption through centuries of human paranoia is that ‘the’ fabled Anti-Christ is a powerful demonic adversary whose sole purpose is to dethrone Christ and all that is good. And when he makes Christ cry uncle, he’ll make our existence a living hell! In the meantime, he’ll produce anti-Christs just to make our lives miserable. And these various and sundry anti-Christs are people (mortals) who exhibit the supposed characteristics of ‘the’ Anti-Christ which makes them bad to the bone, too.

We invite you to refuse to buy into any of the Anti-Christ paranoia mentioned above. We’ll even go so far as to say – don’t buy into any of the stories about the mythical Anti-Christ that you’ve heard or read about. They’re all attempts to frighten you and make you think this fictitious, cosmic
demon is ‘under your bed or in your closet.’

We have an entirely different ‘take’ on the boogie man Anti-Christ myth. We’d like to share it with you in this blogcast. It’ll mean outgrowing EVERYTHING you’ve been taught about the ‘son of perdition.’ Don’t worry, we’re not going to force our perspective on you. You don’t even have to read beyond this sentence!

A Metaphysical, Spiritual Perspective of the Anti-Christ

We believe the fictional Anti-Christ is not, and never has been, a cosmic superpower that has the wherewithal to rival the Christ in any era or at the end of time. The anti-Christ should be spelled without the “A” being capitalized because it is not an anthropomorphic, demonic personage at all.

Head-questionMarks-dt_31820845The Truth is anti-Christs are closer than objects in your rearview mirror! Our belief is that anti-Christs are thoughts, intentions, inclinations, beliefs, feelings, assumptions, values, choices and behaviors that deny your innate divinity. They can surface in anyone’s consciousness and only have the power we give them to derail our spiritual growth!

The people who have these demonic thoughts and feelings; and express them by making barbaric, self-aggrandizing choices and taking inhuman actions are repressing their innate divinity. And when they do, they may be labeled anti-Christs. People like this allow the dark side of their human nature to gain supremacy over their thinking, being and doing.

It is up to each of us to cleanse our consciousness if these types of demonic, destructive, error thoughts, feelings and habits surface. All of us — even the most boogie man prone — have the power to chose Christ-centric thinking, being and doing.

mountaintop-celebrationWhen you fill your consciousness with compassionate, kind, loving, altruistic, joyful, spiritually-attuned thoughts, feelings, choices and behaviors, there won’t be any room left for hateful, deceitful, hurtful and malignant thoughts, feelings, choices and behaviors.

We affirm an anti-Christ-free world. How ‘bout you!

* The boogie man myth is a worldwide phenomenon. Parents in every country, it seems, use their own version of a demonic monster to frighten children into compliance. Google ‘bogeyman.’ You’ll be surprised how widespread the ‘boogie man under the bed or in the closet who eats children who misbehave’ myth is used.
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  2. Michelle says:

    Is this a typo?”We affirm an anti-Christ-free world. How ‘bout you!”


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