What If Energy Healing Really Does Work?

HealingHands-SpiritualityHave you ever wondered if healing energy really works? We’re going to ask you to read this blogcast with an open mind and with the awareness that the scientific and spiritual communities have more to learn about our mind, body and soul connection. From a neuroscience and epigenetic standpoint, our Deeper Self (that’s what they call it) is the transcendent aspect of us that is connected at a cellular level with the observable scientific world ‘out there.’

From a spiritual perspective we are the composite, or Quantum Self, of all of our human and inter-dimensional incarnations and reincarnations. Our quantum selves (our incarnated selves) are akin to the Theosophist’s monad and the Hindu concept of sutratman. They are strung like beads on a quantum thread. We believe our dreams, deja vous, and past life regressions are conscious nonlocal connections with our ‘other’ selves (beads) on the thread of inter-dimensional life (the world out there).

Check Out This Amazing Experiment!

Science-Spirituaity-ResearchQuantum physicists remind us that once we are quantumly connected, we are always connected. As a matter of fact, in a 1993 study reported in the Journal Advances, scientists working with the U. S. Army conducted an experiment to determine whether or not our feelings affect DNA, which has been removed from the body. It was reasoned that once tissue [skin, organs] are removed from a human body, our connection with those removed parts ceases to exist.

The study performed experiments to determine precisely whether an emotion/DNA connection continues following a separation of the individual from a small DNA sample taken, and if so at what distances? The researchers, under psychologist Julie Motz’s direction, collected a swab of tissue [DNA] from the inside of a volunteer’s mouth.*

The DNA sample was isolated and placed in a specially-designed chamber and taken to another room in the same building. Once the experiment began, the ‘donor,’ who was in another room located a good distance away, was shown a series of video images designed to cause a wide range of emotional responses. While the donor was undergoing the ‘treatment’ the DNA in the room down the hall was measured for its reaction.

An extraordinary thing happened. When the donor’s measured responses registered emotional ‘peaks’ or ‘dips,’ the donor’s DNA showed a simultaneous electrical response that either spiked or dipped. The DNA acted as if it were still connected energetically to its donor at a distance.

Energy Healing and Dr. Oz

This energetic bio-connection is currently being studied as it relates to the field of energy healing. And although it’s years after the Army experiment, the head of the research team that conducted the original DNA experiment is convinced that the transference of energy is real. At the invitation of Dr. Mehmet Oz and his patient, non-traditional healer Julie Motz performed energy healing during an operation. Motz has worked in surgery at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York, Stanford University Hospital in California, and many other medical centers across the country, and has been profiled on ‘Dateline,’ CNN, The New York Times Magazine, New Age Journal, and many other magazines and journals. The literature reports accounts of other energy healers, as well, in collaborative settings with tradition medical doctors.

All that being said, evidence regarding energy healing’s efficacy is ‘highly speculative’ and ‘methodological shortcomings’ have prevented firm conclusions about its medicinal benefits. For instance, in 2001 a randomized clinical trial randomly assigned 120 patients with chronic pain to either healers or ‘simulated healers,’ but could not demonstrate efficacy for either distance or face-to-face energy healing.

However, there have been reports of spontaneous remission and positive placebo effects as a result of energy healing when it is coupled with well-known cognitive and behavioral techniques. In these cases, patients have experienced a mild reduction in symptoms; however, nothing miraculous or inexplicable occurred. The results seem to be limited to, and determined by, the body’s natural healing abilities.

Here’s the “open-minded, more to learn’ part: What if there is an unbroken energetic connection between us and our DNA (as the research seems to prove) regardless of the space/time distance? If there is, how long does it last? What if the connection between our current physical body and our Quantum Self (Deeper Self) is real and energetically connected? Can that etheric connection produce healing energies? Do energy healers act as step-down transformers to direct the healing energies? Does that connection contribute to the placebo? Does energy healing tap into the cosmic energies of our Deeper Self which are pure, perfect and whole?

New JerusalemTo add another spiritual component to this quantum assessment, in one of the interpretations of The Book of Revelation, Mikhail Aivanhov assures us that “everything we do is recorded and our actions, sentiments, and thoughts all leave permanent traces, not only on our surroundings, but on us.” (pg. 113). We have also published a book on Revelation and have come to the same conclusion as Bulgarian mystic, Aivanhov, and others like Edgar Cayce, James Pryse, Alice Bailey, Rudolf Steiner and Helena Blavatsky, to name a few:

What if we — you, everyone — is the current ‘bead’ in a long string of beads (incarnations) that make up the ‘quantum genealogy’ called us! And what if the quantumness that makes up that lasting genealogy determines whether we miraculously remiss from stage 4 cancer; survive a heart attack; recover – complication-free – from a complicated surgery; or live a healthy, illness-free live in spite of our lifestyle eating habits?

Albert Einstein coined a term “spooky action at a distance” when he described entangled particles in quantum physics. What if a similar “spooky action” occurs when it comes to our ability to heal ourselves using the interconnectivity (quantum entanglement) of our ‘other selves’ to produce the placebo effect? All these questions are up for stimulating discussion … as we walk that spiritual path on practical feet!

*Julie Motz, “Everyone an Energy Healer: The Treat V Conference” Santa Fe, NM, Advances: The Journal of Mind-Body Health, vol. 9 (1993).
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