Is Spiritual Ghosting the Reason I Can’t Make Truth Principles Work?

FriendlyGhostGhosting! We’re not talking about Casper the Ghost. Nor are we referring to ghost writing someone else’s book. And we’re certainly not blogging about paranormal spirits and poltergeists from parapsychological literature.

The ‘ghosting’ we’re referring to is a spiritual take on the dating practice that uses apps and online technology to end a dating relationship, called “Ghosting”: the sudden act where one dater abruptly ends a relationship by simply disappearing into the ethers — you know, going AWOL! The ghost does not give an explanation of any sort, leaving the person who is ghosted wondering where he or she went wrong.

The rise of apps like Tinder and Grindr is certainly empowering to these ghosts. Hiding behind the ‘screen of online technology’ is an easy way to be evasive, so you don’t have to take a chance of a face-to-face confrontation with the person you’re dumping. You don’t even have to share your reasons for breaking-up, because disappearing is the path of least resistance. Recent YouGov and Huffington Post polls have confirmed that 890 people out of 1,000 people polled consider ‘electronic ghosting’ to be extremely rude and inappropriate.

While the break-up ghosting explained above is disrespectful and even called cowardly by people on the receiving end of the online slight, it generated a spiritual metaphor for us: Spiritual Ghosting.

What is “Spiritual Ghosting?”

SpiritualGhostingOne of the most common issues we deal with in our spiritual coaching practice is the frustration people have when they feel they are practicing all the spiritual principles they’ve been taught, but things are not manifesting as they expected. Their disappointments usually relate to money, relationships, work, health, or other difficult life challenges. They are left feeling betrayed, guilty, frustrated, and questioning everything they were taught to believe. They feel deserted (ghosted) by the God of their understanding.

It is our experience that these wonderfully well-intentioned and devoted truth seekers – whether they think so or not – have not been ghosted (dumped, deserted, forsaken, abandoned, or discarded) by God (the Eternal Presence, Spirit, the All, Universal Consciousness). Are you ready for a shocker? It is God (the Eternal Presence, Spirit, the All, Universal Consciousness) that is always ghosted by us!

We are the ones who drop out unannounced. We are the ones who sever the connection. We are the ones who abandon our faith in the process. We neglect to consistently use proven Truth Principles. Generally, the ‘ghosting tactics’ that follow are the reasons why things may not appear to be working when it comes to manifesting our good:

  • We send out mixed messages when we affirm our good and then doubt whether we’ll actually receive it.
  • Our affirmations may be based on incorrect understanding of Truth Principles.
  • We forget that what we manifest is by right (or as we like to say, “rite”) of consciousness. (Thoughts held in mind produce similar thoughts after their kind).
  • Our actions do not match the desires we are affirming.
  • We sabotage our best-intended efforts because we forget that our prosperity comes through us!
  • We may not be using all the metaphysical/spiritual tools at our disposal.
  • We may not be ready, at the level of heightened consciousness, to manifest what we desire.

Key ideas to remember:

  • We are always manifesting and demonstrating, whether we like the results or not.
  • Our consciousness is the gateway for manifesting the things we want from the Field of Infinite Potential. That means our prosperity comes through us and not to us from some celestial car lot, jewelry store, or shopping center in the sky.
  • Stumbling blocks and obstacles may seem to be in the outer realm; however, they are primarily rooted in our consciousness as negative thoughts, beliefs, values, and feelings.
  • The most magnetizing spiritual tools we have at our disposal include: meditation, affirmative prayer, denials and affirmations, the 12 Powers, joy and laughter, gratitude, generosity, forgiveness, release, visualization, and absolute trust in the manifestation process.

As you can see, you won’t have a ghost of a chance to manifest your good as long as you insist on ghosting the God of your understanding. Manifesting your good will always be an inside-out process.

Stay in alignment with your Divine Nature so you won’t fall out-of-alignment with the prosperity you deserve … as you walk the spiritual path on practical feet.

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