Are You Experiencing a God-of-the-Gaps?

God-of-the-Gaps-visualHave you ever succumbed to what Isaac Newton referred to as the God-of-the-Gaps argument? It raises its wacky head when an unexplained phenomenon occurs that can’t be understood, so you say “God made it happen” or “We’re not meant to know” or “It’s part of God’s plan” or “If God wanted us to know, He’d tell us.” This God-of-the-Gaps argument epitomizes a deeply-rooted blind obedience to ‘unquestioned answers.’ As we move toward being more spiritual than religious, this argument becomes less comforting and increasingly frustrating.

Here’s our take on ‘gap management’ when it comes to understanding how we can use new, credible information to enhance what we already know about something, especially when it comes to integrating science and spirituality. And we’re going to use a quote from the 14th Dalai Lama to express our sentiments:

“If scientific analysis were conclusively to demonstrate certain claims in Buddhism to be false, then we must accept the findings of science and abandon those claims.” (excerpt from The Universe in a Single Atom: The Convergence of Science and Spirituality, by the 14th Dalai Lama)

As Unity ministers who have widened our Self-realization bandwidth – and as two ordinary people who consider ourselves to be more spiritual than religious, we have come to believe that as you continue to unfold your spiritual nature, you realize there is no external, anthropomorphic ‘god out there’ separate from you that acts upon you; that guides you only if you’re dutiful; that heals you sometimes, but not someone else, or heals someone else other times, but not you; that rewards believers, but punishes sinners; that sacrificed His Son to purge the world of sin, but then allows humankind to sin anyway.

YouAreGodExpressingThis is the established mainstream religious view. But in the principle of interconnectedness which physicists, neuroscientists, and metaphysicians have set forth, you are not simply a creation of God, molded and shaped and set on the path of life ‘down here’ in skin school. You are the Force or Presence of the Eternal Presence we call God particularized as you.

You will notice that both our explanation and the Dalai Lama’s quote champion the marriage between science and spirituality. We’re guessing that the Dalai Lama shares our sentiments that reconciling the church’s science phobia is probably still light years away, since organized religions apparently prefer their dogmatized rigidity over empirical science.

Therefore, the ‘gap management’ tactics mentioned above that are employed by mainstream religious proponents to ‘defend the faith’ at all costs end up costing those who defend religious rigidity a more enlightened view of their own innate divinity. While the God-of-the-Gap argument protects their religious mindset, it marginalizes their spiritual growth.

How to Handle a ‘God-of-the-Gaps’ Moment

Whenever you find yourself involved in ‘gap management’ — whether it’s concerning God and science, life and immortality, health and illness, or religion and spirituality — listen to your heartfelt spiritual insights (angels) which call to you from the Eternal Resident Presence within you, your Divine Nature.

It is that timeless connection that will elevate your awareness and ‘up your consciousness’ so that you become consciously one with God-IN-the Gaps! You will realize that there are no gaps between you and the Eternal Resident Presence within you, only a consciousness of gaps. There are no gaps between science and the nature of God, only a consciousness of gaps.

Your ‘YOU’ is the Eternal Presence, Ein Sof, the All, the Infinite Isness, the One, the Universal Self, Divine Mind, the Authentic Self, the Supreme Self, the SuperSelfTM , Divine Consciousness, the Godhead, Brahma, Allah, El, Ishvara, Vishnu, Krishna, Atman. If there’s any gap, it’s your egocentric nature!

Science, spirituality, religion, philosophy, theology, and psychology are all pursuing the Ultimate Reality. If there’s any gap, it’s the parochialism associated with each of those disciplines.

JumpOverGap-dreamstime_xs_50543673The ‘gap’ between you and your God Nature is purely theoretical. The ‘gap’ doesn’t exist! The perceived ‘gap’ is not even caused by a ‘part of the Whole’(you) trying to understand the Whole (God, the Eternal Presence). Why? Because you are the Whole individualized as you. Humankind is the Whole individualized as the many.

All any of us has to do is surrender to our true Nature. When we do, there’ll be no more consciousness of gaps. No need for gap management. No interest in pursuing the myth of gaps. No thought of retailing gaps that aren’t there. And certainly no inclination of proselytizing gaps and defending gaps that become stumbling blocks for ourselves and others. No separation between our human self and our Higher Self … as we walk the spiritual path on practical feet.

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