Is Your Smartphone Part of Your Spiritual Practice?

Smartphone-SpiritualPracticeIf you’re like us, you use your smartphone a lot — and there is a ton of research warning us of all the dangers associated with overuse of this technology! We know, technology gets a bad rap these days—and it’s true there is lots out there to distract us, waste our time, and create confusion in our consciousness. But did you realize your smartphone could be part of your spiritual practice?

Smartphoning as a spiritual practice is “apps-olutely” one of the best ways to connect with almost anything you want to inspire your spiritual growth. (Excuse the pun — we couldn’t help ourselves!)

Here’s How This Spiritual Practice Works:

There are: meditation apps, candle apps, singing bowl apps, yoga apps, soulcare apps, self-healing apps, soul journeys app, self-awareness apps, spiritual growth apps, spiritual disciplines apps, spiritual living apps, spiritual pathways apps, spiritual quotes apps, spiritual places apps, spiritual awakening apps, mindfulness apps, meditation timers and alarm clock apps, nature photo apps, Buddhist meditation apps, Buddhist mantra apps, world peace apps, prayer apps, plus hundreds, maybe thousands more to choose from.

smartphone-spirprac-dtYou can email and/or text spiritual content to anyone, and receive emails and texts from anyone—anywhere in the world! Sending a riveting spiritual quote to a friend in need can turn his/her life around. Receiving a spiritually rich text can turn your day around, too!

Whether you plan on a spiritual pause for a couple of minutes or a longer reflective time of smartphone soul food, we know your “app-reciation” for the convenience of this spiritual practice will, no doubt, make it one of the basic tools in your spiritual toolkit. You can have spiritual experiences on the go or settle back on a cushion in your dedicated spiritual practice area and enjoy a spiritual moment … as you walk the spiritual path on practical feet.


This Spiritual Practice comes from our ebook, Life-Changing Spiritual Practices,
Volume 1. Check it out here:

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