Can the Future Affect the Past?

time-travel-spiritual-practiceIf you ever wished you could have a “do-over” or experience time travel, grab a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy this blog post! The best minds in philosophy, metaphysics, and quantum physics have tossed out theories about retro-causality and time travel. That’s why we consider it prime material for a spiritual practice. We’re fans of out-of-the-box causality-related thinking and see spiritual implications waiting in the wings. This spiritual practice invites you to explore the concept of retro-causality. Retro-causality, or backward causation, explains how the present can affect the past.

The philosophical debate about backward causation is relatively new. Little discussion about retro-causality can be found in philosophical and scientific literature before Michael Dummett and Anthony Flew shared their views in 1954. In the 1960’s and 1970’s, quantum physicists began to discuss the possibilities of particles (tachyons) traveling faster than the speed of light. As a consequence the debate about the possibility of backward causation resurfaced. We’ll return to tachyons in a few moments, especially as they relate to consciousness, which makes this spiritual practice so exciting – and practical!

Retro-causality notions (closed time-like curves, traversable wormholes, and cosmic strings) that associate retro-causality with prayer, meditation, and healing are being taken more seriously.

The Science Behind This Practice

In a 1983 delayed-choice experiment, John Wheeler and his team of Princeton researchers determined that choices made today may directly affect things which happened in the past. Wheeler used a variation of the famous double-slot experiment that Thomas Young conducted on November 24, 1803.

Wheeler’s choice of apparatus forced the photon to choose between going through both slits like a wave or just one slit, like a particle. Then he changed the experiment so that the photon was only observed after it passed through the barrier, but before it got to its destination. In other words, the photon was already on its way to its quantum target when the decision was made as to how it would be viewed – with a screen or with a telescope. Wheeler named this experiment “The Delayed-Choice” experiment.

The implications of Wheeler’s discovery pose fantastic questions as to how we regard time, and in particular, the past, present, and future. What Wheeler’s experiment with the “psychic photon” suggests is that the choices we make today may directly affect past choices.

The Spiritual Perspective

If retro-causality does exist (it’s purely theoretical as of this writing from a scientific standpoint, but not from a metaphysical frame of reference), it adds a new wrinkle as to how the universe works – and the power of our consciousness. If superluminal particles, like tachyons, exist, it seems possible to communicate with and even influence, the past —  because tachyons going forward in time with respect to one set of reference frames would always be seen as traveling backwards in time from another set of reference frames.

multiple-choices-doors-dtHere’s what makes this spiritual practice so exciting. Suppose our super-consciousness is a frame of reference in relationship to both our waking consciousness and subconsciousness? It could mean – fasten your seat belt – that the future you is just as real as the present you! The future you does not merely consist of unrealized possibilities and it certainly wouldn’t be nothing because it is a fully operative and viable part of the present you. Also, ordinarily people think of the past as a ‘nothing now’ that once was a ‘something then.’ However, in retro-causality all of our layers of consciousness are connected – and their cosmic communication channels are faster than the speed of light.

Before you think we’re too far out, we’d like to let you know we’re in good company. Google the cutting edge philosophical and scientific work of people like Huw Price, Michael Dummett, Anthony Flew, and Jan Faye. (Of course, you may be thinking, Bil and Cher, they might be just as far out as you are). You might be right! However, consider this – could being far out really mean being deep within? The two ‘extremes’ just might be a matter of your frame of reference! (Let’s all pause a minute and take a breath!)

A Metaphysical Perspective

All of the above theoretics is a preamble to what we’re about to share from a metaphysical perspective. You may want to keep your seat belt fastened. After all of the above is said and done, we invite you to consider a neurospiritual notion: It has already been proven by neuroscientists that we can restructure neuropathways and there is considerable evidence to support the idea that consciousness must be included in quantum measurements.

SpiritualExperiencesWhat if, as a spiritual being, you can — through profound meditative and mystical experiences and dreams — connect with the other versions of yourself that exist in the other dimensions of your being? Then, through a retro-causative ‘tunnel of consciousness’ you could will yourself into one of those past or future versions of your current self. Once there, you could make the changes you wanted to make and then will yourself back to your current reality. Sounds ‘retro’ doesn’t it?

Perhaps the ‘many mansions’ the Christ as Jesus talked about when he was here are states of consciousness. Suppose these states of consciousness are other versions of you in other dimensions of being as you travel faster than the speed of light in the Multiverse! That’s the essence of this spiritual practice. It’s simply about making the concept of retro-causality a part of your learning curve so you can add it to your growing edge curriculum — as you walk the spiritual path on practical feet.

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