The Easter Story in the Book of Revelation

SpiritualEaster-LilyThis Easter story blogcast is the result of our belief in the deep metaphysical meaning of the Christ as Jesus’ entire ministry. The traditional Easter story is recorded in all four Gospels (Matthew 27-28, Mark 15-16, Luke 23-24, and John 19-20). However, we have approached the culmination of Jesus’ earthly ministry from a metaphysical standpoint.

We have used as the basis of our interpretation the correct translation of Jesus’ words from the cross. Traditional translations quote Jesus as saying (among other things), “My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me? This comes from the original Aramaic, which is commonly written as “Eli, Eli, lemana sabachthani” — a mistranslation that has been left uncorrected for two thousand years by mainstream Western religions.In the original Aramaic translation, Jesus said, “Eli, Eli, lemana shabakthani” which means ‘My God, My God, It is for this purpose I have come!’ 

What a difference this makes! It means God did not ‘forsake’ Jesus any more than God, the Eternal Presence, forsakes us!

The Christ as Jesus’ purpose is the same as our purpose: to become the best Christ we can be! Through disciplined spiritual practice, we can all become awakened to the realization that we are God’s Essence expressing through the Christ as us. When we have become fully enlightened (our Easter experience) as Jesus was, we will be transformed into a higher, more spiritual state of being that transcends our physical bodies. Our physical bodies will become perfectly alchemicalized by Spirit and unrestrained by the limitations of our human form, as was Jesus’ ascended body.

It is that story we want to describe in this Easter blogcast. And it is that story the Book of Revelation tells as a postscript to the Gospels. We are sharing the culmination of that story in these metaphysical snapshots from parts of the last two chapters of the Book of Revelation. This Easter story is a universal Easter story. It will be your story when you become fully enlightened!

Spiritual Easter-crossFirst, Some Metaphysical Interpretations
of the Key Images of Easter

Keep in mind the Revelation account is based on the metaphysical account of the Gospels which interprets the cross we bear as our physical body. The cross bar represents human consciousness, what we call coma consciousness. The vertical bar represents Spirit’s descent into matter.

Also from this perspective, the crucifixion represents the crossing out of error from our consciousness. Every time we eliminate error thoughts, words and actions from our human experience we are saved!

Spiritual Easter - Garden TombThe stones represent the barriers of the world of appearance that lock us in a tomb of doubt, fear, unworthiness, and lack consciousness. Rolling away the stone signifies our dominion over the world of appearance, claiming our ability to triumph over anything that appears to be keeping us from our good. The resurrection represents our complete mastery over the limitations of the human experience. The ascension represents our return to Source.

We are pleased to share with you this ‘side’ of the story. We invite you to compare your favorite interpretation of Revelation from a traditional version of the Bible with the chapter-by-chapter, verse-by-verse interpretation below. :

Revelation, Chapter Twenty-One (The Easter Story for All of Us)
(Note: The words in parentheses are taken from the traditional version, to help you see the connections. If reading this aloud, you would simply omit the words in the parens.)

  1. Our conscious mind and super-conscious mind unite with our supra-conscious mind (new heaven) and our highly alchemicalized spiritual body (new earth) signifies that our pre-alchemicalized consciousness (first heaven) and physical body (first earth) have morphed (passed away) into our super-divine state of being. This also means that our subconsciousness has also served its purpose (there was no more sea).
  2. We will see that our highly alchemicalized spiritual state of being (the New Jerusalem, holy city) embodies the Christ connection we have sought for so long (comes down out of heaven). Our elevated state of being (bride) is a duplicate of our Higher State of Being (husband).
  3. It becomes even more clear to us (a great noise out of heaven) that our new state of being is a sanctuary (tabernacle of God) filled with high ideals and spiritual propensities (men). Our Christed thoughts, feelings and actions (his people) will epitomize our solid Christ connection.
  4. The outpicturing of everything we think, do and say will all be in accordance with our higher state of being (all tears will be wiped away). All of our thoughts will be Christed (there shall be no more death) and the only effects of our actions will be peace, love and joy (neither sorrow, crying, nor pain).
  5. We can feel the transformative and regenerative power of our Higher Self (Behold, I make all things new) which now occupies Its rightful place of divine expression (sat upon the throne). Our current state of heightened awareness validates our feelings because it occurs to us that the mind truly is free and unencumbered by the mental constructs of our ‘old self’ — so everything we see and sense from our newly alchemicalized spiritual status is met with new eyes.
  6. Our quest for supra-conscious awareness is complete (It is done). We have literally and figuratively come full circle by recreating the super-sensitive state of being we possessed in our pre-incarnational state (Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end). Our spiritual biography (fountain of the water of life) has become our current biology.
  7. It occurs to us that we are sensing everything from a supra-conscious standpoint (are carried away in spirit to a high mountain) and are very much aware of its effect on our alchemicalized divine nature (great city, the holy Jerusalem) which mirrors our Christ Nature (descends out of heaven from God).
  8. Our radiance is so pure and bright (having the glory of God) that we literally experience a trans-elemental moment whereby the very substance of our body is elementally identical with our etherized double. Our countenance has a translucent quality (jasper) transmitting the light of the sun.
  9. New JerusalemWhen the Crown Chakra (the angel that spoke) is trilling brilliantly it means that the spinal column (measuring rod) is in perfect (golden) operating condition. Its potently vigorous energies are bathing our receptors and effectors (gates) and aura (wall) with such high levels of transmutational energies that our body and consciousness are literally glowing.
  10. Since the I Am Presence is expressing Itself as us, there is no need for a separate personality (temple). We are consciously and cellularly one with the Eternal Presence (Lord God Almighty) and Its quantum dimension, the Christ (Lamb).
  11. That means our consciousness (city) is not hampered by a territorial ego (sun) or the emotions (moon) it generates to support its temporal rulership (shine in it). Our disciplined spiritual unfoldment (glory of God) transformed (lightened) both egocentric qualities, making our Christ Nature (the Lamb) sovereign (its lamp, the light).
  12. The levels of awareness (nations) – which we have only begun to experience – in our highly spiritualized (saved) super-consciousness and supra-consciousness shall mirror (walk in the light) our Christhood. And all of our highly spiritualized bodily functions (kings of the earth) will express (bring their glory and honor) their sacred vibrancy.

Chapter Twenty-Two

  1. We have moved completely beyond any and all divinity-denying thoughts (no more curse). All of our thoughts, words and actions (servants) honor our I-Am-ness (throne of God) which is our Christ Nature (the Lamb).
  2. We have no doubt that we are God expressing (see his face) in human form as us, so our Christ Nature (name) has been consciously realized through the disciplined use of right thoughts (forehead), right words, and right actions.
  3. The Eternal Presence is our Presence (no more night) and God Mind is our Mind (need no candle). There is no territorial or provincial ego (neither light of the sun) because God’s Nature is our Nature (God giveth them light). We realize our oneness with the Eternal Presence is real (shall reign forever and ever).
  4. The Christ as us (He) which is already the perfected essence of us (testifies to these things) is our I-Am-ness objectified (I come quickly). We can rest assured that is a permanent quality (Amen) within us.
  5. The Christ as Jesus accomplished this perfection (by grace) – and so can we!

May you truly experience the highest, most elevated essence of Easter — as you walk the spiritual path on practical feet!


If you enjoyed this blog, you may be interested in The Book of Revelation, New Metaphysical Version: A Manual describing the Unfoldment of Our Christ Nature, by Rev. Bil Holton, Ph.D. Check it out here.


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