Spiritual Practice from the Beach: Grid Wire Grit

Gridwire-WrightsvilleBeachOn a recent business trip to Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina, we noticed some nylon coated wires running from the deck and pool areas up to the roof of the resort hotel we were staying in that were a novelty at first — and then became an interest. During lunch, we asked our waitress about the nylon wires and she laughed as she explained that those wires kept the seagulls and grackle birds from invading the area, stealing food and bothering tourists! Her explanation sent us to the Internet to investigate. Here’s what we found:

Numerous academic studies and the U.S. Department of Agriculture recommend grids of nylon coated wire and/or nylon monofilament lines as the most effective method to prevent seagulls from landing and roosting in resort areas, open areas like docks, restaurants, pools and ponds and flat roofs. These monofilament barricades are very good at getting rid of seagull and grackle bird infestations because they emit a sound caused by the wind moving them that disorients the gulls.

You’re probably asking the question, “Don’t seagulls learn over time to invade the space protected by the deterrent system?

In fact the opposite happens. Seagulls seem to teach each other to avoid the protected area. It sometimes takes a few days for seagulls to stop even trying to land if they’ve developed a strong habit or have used the area for feeding or nesting for a long time. However, over time the system is increasingly effective as seagulls find more gull-friendly places to roost and defecate.

The deterrent system does not injure seagulls or other birds. The Grid Wire Deterrent System is very uncomfortable for seagulls, making them feel unsafe because they prefer wide open spaces as their normal habitat. Other beneficial birds, such as swallows, martins and migrating land birds easily navigate around or through the lines (bats do fine too).

Everywhere we go, we think of everything we see as curriculum for our spiritual growth and content for our books, webinars and classes. The reason we have chosen this as a spiritual practice is that it is very similar to another ‘protection’ technique called the White Light technique, referred to by psychologists as ‘psychological shielding.’ (See the White Light Technique in Vol.3 of our series of Spiritual Practices).

The White Light technique involves visually surrounding yourself with a shield of white light, that will not allow any negative energy to penetrate it. It allows you to deny any power to someone’s negativity or sour attitudes, and affirm your oneness with your Higher Spiritual Nature!

This Grid Wire Grit practice invites you to visualize being protected by a shield of invisible grid wires that serves as a failsafe deterrent against someone else’s negativity, undue criticism, anger, hate, and overall sour attitude. It blocks all of those things from affecting you emotionally and draining the energy out of you. Like the White Light Technique it incubates you from harm. Mentally see the wire grid repelling all of the ‘slings and arrows’ thrown at you. You may even want to couple your mental image with the statement, “I believe these belong to you,” referring to the ‘slings and arrows.’

Like the White Light Technique, this practice is an excellent psychological shielding technique, as you walk the spiritual path on practical feet.

© 2015 Bil and Cher Holton, YourSpiritualPractice.com



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