The Christ Child … from a metaphysical perspective

NativitySilhouetteWhile we encourage you to enjoy the traditional Nativity story which has been celebrated thousands of times, we also invite you to take a more spiritual than religious look at the Nativity story as well. We believe this highly spiritual look, based on a metaphysical perspective, will deepen your spirituality and expand your overall awareness when it comes to realizing the truth about who you really are — a spiritual being having a human experience.

The coming together of the Cosmic Christ and humankind’s awareness of the Cosmic Christ (God, the Eternal Presence in physicality) expressing Itself as each of us will help make Christianity whole and more spiritual than religious — at last.

This perennial relationship is expressed wonderfully and poignantly as the birth of this Universal awareness (the Christ Child) in our consciousness. This initial, highly intuitive moment of Christ-centric awareness is symbolized beautifully as an exoteric historical event in mainstream Christian faith traditions as the Nativity story. You will find those New Testament stories in Matthew, Chapter 1:18-24; Chapter 2:1-11; and Luke, Chapter 1:26-56; Chapter 2:1-20.

QuoteBubblesWhat Others Have Said

Here are a few comments from prominent metaphysicians and scientists which we feel will help you realize that opening your awareness to a grander perspective will add such a heightened spiritual dimension to the Nativity story that you will find yourself birthing the incredible awareness of the Christ Presence (Christ Child) incarnating as you.

Max Heindel, the Danish-American mystic, reminds us that “grand and glorious is this Christ. The Word was made flesh, but not in the limited sense of the flesh of one body, but the flesh of all that is, in this and millions of other solar systems.”

“The Incarnation,” says Evelyn Underhill, Christian mystic, “is for popular Christianity synonymous with the historical birth and early life of Christ. However, for the mystic it is not only this but also a perpetual Cosmic and personal process. It is an everlasting bringing forth, in the universe and also in the individual ascending soul, of the divine and perfect Life, the pure character of God.”

“We are not individuals in God, for this would presuppose isolation and separation and disunion,” says Ernest Holmes, founder of Religious Science, “(We) are individualizations of God. There is no revelation higher than the realization of the Divinity within us.”

“Was Christ God incarnate? Yes, of course, but so are we!” Bernard Haisch, astrophysicist, joins the chorus of enlightened scientists.

“What good is it to me if the Son of God was born to Mary 1400 years ago but is not born in my person and in my culture and in my time?” Meister Eckhart asks a rhetorical question, don’t you think?

The Metaphysical Meaning of the Christ Child

Metaphysically, and uncommon-sensically, the Christ Child is born whenever anyone comes to the virginal conscious realization that he or she is the Cosmic Christ expressing in human form as himJumpingInClouds-sxc1169812_16005026/her. It is a pristine moment of enlightenment. It is an immaculate conception (the rare, but highly receptive, intuitive readiness for the Truth). It is an unblemished, pure, and stainless mystical insight into our True Spiritual Nature.

That is the spiritual essence of the traditional Christmas Nativity Story. And it is the blossoming (birth) of our awareness of that great Truth! In a much more expanded sense, every newly-formed Christed thought and idea, pioneering Christ-centric choice, and authentic Christed action is a Christ Child.

Our Christmas wish for you is that you will give birth to many ‘Christ Children’ as you walk the spiritual path on practical, more enlightened and Christ-aware feet.




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