Spiritual Practice of Bum Rushing

SpiritualPractice-BumRushIn boxing terms, a ‘bum rush’ means trying as fast as you can to hustle the opponent out of the ring, and thus, out of the fight. But we want to share a different perspective: Bum Rushing as a spiritual practice means eliminating bad habits, poor choices, and/or negative language as fast as you can from your life. 

The essence of this spiritual practice is that eliminating anything that interferes and/or blocks your spiritual growth is based on the power of choice. So, ‘bum rushing’ invites you to simply – or not so simply – decide to stop repeating poor choices and actions that compromise your spiritual growth. It encourages you to see positivity as a virtue and negativity as ballast.

How Do We Use Bum Rushing as a Spiritual Practice?

Choice Of Pushing Buttons 3d Character Shows IndecisionAs a spiritual practice ‘bum rushing’ is based on our immediate and spontaneous awareness of choosing a spiritual thought, word, and action over worldly thoughts, words, or actions. It is a self-monitoring practice that assures our conscious awareness of pruning negative thoughts, habits and behaviors out of our lives. It is the conscious tracking of thoughts and actions that are out of integrity with our professed spiritual beliefs.

It gives us an opportunity to quickly re-cause our experience and save us from the consequences of our errant thoughts, words and actions. It helps us strengthen our alignment with our Divine Nature through conscious improvement, modification and self-correction.

Bum Rushing as a spiritual practice has momentum. It has centrifugal force. It means lightening our load quickly by eliminating negative baggage in a hurry! As a matter of fact, bum rushing helps us reduce fixed costs which are the karmic debts we pay for our errant thoughts, words, choices, and actions. Fixed costs like error-prone intentions, choices, and actions contribute to divinity denying karma (adharma) and future suffering.

A common karmic theme is the principle of causality. One of the earliest associations of karma to causality is found in the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad of Hinduism:

Now as (we are) like this or like that,
according as (we) act and according as (we) behave, so will (we) be;
a (person) of good acts will become good, a (person) of bad acts, bad;
(we) become pure by pure deeds, bad by bad deeds;

And here they say that a person consists of desires,
and as is (h/her) desire, so is (h/her) will;
and as is (h/her) will, so is (h/her) deed;
and whatever deed (h/she) does, that (h/she) will reap.


Using Spiritual Firewalls

SpiritualPractice-FirewallOne of our favorite ‘bum rushing techniques is called spiritual firewalls. In the IT world, firewalls limit the data that can pass through them and protect a networked server from damage by unauthorized users. Spiritual firewalls are denials (statements that deny the power of outer appearances).

In higher thought language, forging firewalls through the use of powerful denials will help you ward off the negative effects of false assumptions and impressions caused by mindlessly believing what you see and hear.

Here are several examples of denials (firewalls) that you can use to bum rush the negative effects of unhealthy thoughts, words and actions:

  • I now transcend all beliefs, patterns, and forms of illness and disease.
  • I fast from all doubt, fear, and lack.
  • I deny the power of outer appearances to limit or block my good.
  • I erase all negativity from my life.
  • I veto all notions of my own insignificance.
  • I purge all thoughts of lack and insufficiency from my consciousness.

The next step is to follow-up denials (firewalls) like these with powerful affirmations that attest your belief — and resolve — to accomplish what you want. Don’t allow anything that limits your greater good to form outposts in your consciousness. Bum rush it out of your life as fast as you can!

Although psychologists tell us it takes 21 days to change a pattern of behavior, the truth is all it takes is resolve and a willingness to honor your willpower instead of your “won’t power.”

That’s the basis of this spiritual practice. It reminds you that your personal, professional, and spiritual transformation are just a choice away. You can re-cause your experience by bum rushing the negativity out of your life.

© 2014 Bil and Cher Holton, YourSpiritualPractice.com



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