How to Master the Art of Living: Spiritual Traveler’s Alerts

3d illustration: Land and a group of suitcases. To take a vacatiIt is that time of year when people are on the move, with vacations and other special traveling opportunities! We love to travel—and we consider ourselves travel savvy—but we’ve also had some very interesting experiences in our journeys!

Years ago, when we were traveling in South America, we decided to take a walk in Rio along a beautiful stretch of beach near our hotel. We love to just go out on our own and wander wherever we visit. Keep in mind, we displayed no jewelry, no camera, no purse … we’d read the guide about that! We were just walking, and after the equivalent of about two blocks both of us felt such a strange feeling of danger around us (which is not a feeling either of us get too often). We looked at each other and decided to return to our hotel … pronto. As we walked into our hotel, the manager looked at us and said, “You two didn’t go out without a guide, did you?” Come to find out, in that particular area, even though it looked beautiful, it was very dangerous, and recommended that tourists never go out without a local guide. Who knew? Somehow, we had missed that warning … but both of us had felt, from deep within, a strong Traveler’s Alert – and we paid attention!

Warning-ca34707844When you travel, there are essentially two major types of Traveler’s Alerts: alerts warning you of danger and alerts informing you of great deals. We tend to view one as bad and one as good—but when you think about it, they are both good. The ones warning us of danger can protect us, guide us around trouble spots, and help us make wiser decisions as we travel … and the ones sharing deals, of course, can help us save money or time. All this is actually positive … and here’s the good news!

We get similar alerts on this journey as Spiritual beings in human form. We experience Spiritual Traveler’s Alerts, some that warn us of potential problems or guide us around danger, and others to help us experience a more abundant, joyful, fulfilling life. ANY feeling that is out of alignment with the Truth of who you are is really a Traveler’s Alert that you need to stop and realign. It’s a warning that you aren’t acting from your Highest, most elevated level of Consciousness, and hence, you are going to run into difficulties.

We also get those messages from our Intuition, or higher Self, or Spirit – helping us take advantage of what the Spiritual Principles and Truths can bring us. Here are a couple of tips to benefit from our Spiritual Traveler’s Alerts!

Be on the lookout for Traveler’s Alerts: Alerts show up in all kinds of formats. Think about when you travel: Alerts can be posted online, provided by signage, offered by a travel guide, or simply passed on in travel brochures. But we have to be on the lookout for them, or they will not help us at all. For example, have you ever been on a cruise? Notice how they offer lots of great shore excursions (for a price, of course!). On the description of the shore excursions, there are typically little icons to illustrate the type of excursion it is – and these are actually traveler’s alerts! It may indicate there is lots of walking, or water events involved, or shopping, or a strenuous or adventure tour. If you fail to see that information, you may end up on an excursion beyond your limits, and even be a danger to yourself and others.

On our Spiritual adventure, it is just as important to be on the lookout for our Spiritual Traveler’s Alerts. Expect to have them! As we find ourselves entering new experiences, or in a place where we need to make a difficult decision, it is so important to spend time in meditate-beachthe Silence, pre-prayering what it is we are about to do, anticipating the Spiritual Travel Alerts we will receive. Learn how to interpret the signals of Spirit speaking through your intuition, giving you guidance or warning you to make a different choice. Everyone’s intuition has its own way of communicating – and it is important to learn how to distinguish your Intuitive Spirit guidance (your heart) from your “ego chatter” (your head). Most importantly, make time in the Silence. As you move from your head (the ego chatter) to your heart (Spirit), you will understand the messages!  

TakeActionOnce you become attuned to and expect your Spiritual Traveler’s Alerts, you need to Pay Attention — Take Action!: Otherwise, they are useless! According to several different sources, American travelers pay little to no attention to travel alerts. Even when warnings are obviously meant to help ease our traveling burden, we tend to resist them. My brother works with the Lower Bank, NJ Volunteer Fire Company, and he shared that he often gets the job of redirecting traffic when there is an accident that blocks the road. He is amazed at how many people get really upset when they’re redirected. Sometimes they completely ignore him, and drive on through – only to end up totally stuck in the midst of a hold-up that could last an hour or more! To think, they could have totally avoided it if they had been willing to pay attention to the “traveler’s alert!”

Does any of this sound familiar? It happens in our life journey as well. When we are tuned in to Spirit, we can hear those “Traveler’s Alerts” – but when we choose to ignore them, we end up in difficult situations that are no fun at all! Just noticing them isn’t enough. We need to respond appropriately!

It is important to emphasize here that following the messages and guidance of our inner Spirit does not guarantee that everything will be easy and fun. Doing the “right thing” does not always feel simple! But when you take the high road, and go forward standing in Truth, you know it is right. Sometimes very difficult – but there is an inner peace that comes when we pay attention and act on our Spiritual Travel Alerts. In difficult situations, we can claim Divine Wisdom and Strength to make the wise choices. When we sense a Spiritual Traveler’s Alert of a great opportunity (something that would truly benefit us spiritually), we can claim Divine Zeal and Order, and say YES to the experience!

We are on an amazing adventure, as Spiritual beings having this human experience. As we become tuned in to the Spiritual Traveler’s Alerts along the way, we are able to experience life more abundantly, more joyfully, more peacefully — more Spiritually … as we walk the spiritual path on practical, well-alerted feet!


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