A Spiritual Interpretation: The Biblical Noah and the Noah in Us All

noah_movie_poster_1Noah, the controversial biblical epic starring Russell Crowe, has sailed into theatres worldwide and is causing a flood of both criticism and praise. Some have called it the ‘least Biblical Biblical film ever made.’ Others, like us, simply delight in the movie’s superb cinematography and interesting interpretation of an archetypical human event. And Darren Aronofsky’s computer generated animals and depiction of the flood itself are incredibly awesome technological achievements.

The thing about movies like this that are based on scanty historical content is that directors of those movies can take plenty of liberties with the content. So, it’s natural for purists and critics alike to have their say. In this movie Aronofsky tells a great tale. And, so, we thought we’d tell our tale to go along with his!

Ours is a spiritual, not religious tale, with a sprinkling of metaphysics added to represent our taking a few liberties of our own. We hope you’ll like it.

Spiritual Bible Interpretation of FloodFlood myths abound in world scriptures. They are symbolic deluge stories that depict a great flood being sent by a vengeful deity in order to destroy a sinful civilization as a act of divine retribution. Flood myth motifs generally tell the same story and are filled with enough poetic license to, well, flood the world’s literature with a deluge of spectacular intrigue.

A few of the most well-known flood motifs are: the Mesopotamian flood stories (Atrahasis; Gilgamesh; and Ziusudra, the Sumerian Noah), the Deucalion in Greek mythology where the ‘ark’ finally landed on Mt. Parnassus, the Hindu avatar Vishnu warning Manu of an impending flood in the Satapatha Brahmana, the Mayan flood story, the Muisca Bocchica of South American deluge, the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa Native American flood myth, the Gun-Yu flood myth of China, the Finnish flood myth in the Kalevala rune, the Australian Tiddalik deluge, and the Polynesian Nu’u flood.

There are many more flood myths, but we know you get the point that the flood myths are archetypes of something very fundamental in humankind’s evolution toward becoming consciously aware of our collective spiritual unfoldment.

Everything that we’ve written, spiritually and secularly; all of our scientific discoveries, from biology and quantum physics to nanobots and the Internet; the best of our philosophical and metaphysical thinking; the diversity of our engineering and the unlimited creativity of our performing arts are all attempts to increase our human understanding of who we are and what we can accomplish as spiritual beings who are having a human experience!

So, let’s look at Aronofsky’s Noah-ing from a slightly different perspective in order to ‘Noah ourselves.’

A Metaphysical (Spiritual) Interpretation of the Noah Story

Noah's Ark silhouetteFrom a highly spiritual perspective a metaphysical interpretation of ANYTHING means seeing people, places, things, and events that happen ‘out there’ as human and spiritual qualities, talents, and abilities – as well as faults – within us. So, the Noah’s flood story can be interpreted as symbolizing what is going on inside of us. The people, animals, events, and the ark itself in the Biblical flood myth can be seen as qualities and traits within us.

For example, in the Biblical account:

  • Noah represents our elevated intellectual awareness that we are the human expression of the Christ Presence in material form.
  • Noah’s wife symbolizes our intuitive awareness that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.
  • Noah’s three sons and their wives represent the higher thoughts that characterize the union between an enlightened intellect and the wisdom of the heart.
  • Two of every kind of animal symbolizes the symbiotic relationship between our lower, more base instincts and their higher spiritual essences (also, the two hemispheres of our brain and the polarities of brain functions they represent).
  • Ark represents our Christ Consciousness which protects us from the limitations and attachments of sensory experience.
  • Flood symbolizes the tsunamic sensory overload of self-negating thoughts, inclinations, choices, habits and behaviors that can destroy us with their divinity-denying nature that refuses to accept our status as human expressions of the Eternal Presence.
  • Forty days and forty nights represent a time of completion.
  • Dove symbolizes the peace that passeth all misunderstanding. The three flights of the dove represent divinely ordering our experience regardless of outer appearances.
  • Raven represents understanding the illusionary nature of duality.
  • Altar symbolizes our spiritual practice.
  • People who drowned represent our error thoughts which succumb to our materialistic addictions by imploding on their own soulless nature.

We believe that when we live at the speed of our Christ Consciousness
(Noah and the family in the ark) we can divinely order our good
(the dove’s three flights) through our disciplined spiritual practice,
no matter how tsunamic (the flood) the challenges,
supposed limitations, and setbacks are that threaten us.

This is our interpretation of the significance of the flood myth as it relates to humankind’s spiritual unfoldment. We’ve told it without cinematography and without sin-ematography!  And yes, we’ve taken some metaphysical liberties to ‘flood’ your consciousness with a highly spiritual perspective of the Noah myth. We hope our interpretation resonates with you.

If you haven’t seen Aronofsky’s Noah—and if you’re inclined to see it—we invite you to watch it from the perspective we’ve shared in this blogcast. You’ll find it makes perfect sense from the ‘inside-out.’ Because it’s about you! It’s about what’s happening inside your consciousness as you strive to soar above all of the self-defeating thoughts running through your human nature by elevating your thinking, being and doing to the flagship of your spiritual nature: your Christ Consciousness.



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