How to Connect with The Extraordinary You to Master the Art of Living

The Extraordinary You! Final-01-01In our How to Be the Extraordinary You blogcast, you were invited to ‘up your appreciation’ for how extraordinary you are — mentally, emotionally, and physically. In this blogcast we’re going to ask you to ‘up your consciousness’ so we can talk about the spiritual you.

The spiritual you is the part of you that brings all of the other parts of you into focus. That means being open to the universal truths we’re going to share. It means leaving the embedded theology you grew up with and the dogma it teaches behind. It’ll mean opening your mind to metaphysical teachings that have been around a long time.

If you haven’t studied metaphysics, you may want to fasten your seatbelt. If you have a metaphysical background, you will, no doubt, appreciate what we’re about to share.

As we mentioned in Part I, there’s an Extraordinary You, your Higher Self, inside of you that knows you are a timeless spiritual being having a human experience. It is this Higher Self, your Extraordinary Nature, that is the Source of the still small voice that says: ‘You are a spiritual being because you are the Eternal Presence expressing Itself as you.’

Your Extraordinary You has been your Core Nature all of your life. It’s the you that knows you are a Divine Being. And when you discover your divine nature, you will find yourself living at the speed of your Christ Consciousness. You will be able to master your human experience – no matter what happens to you!

Seven Timeless Spiritual Truths

Mandala-sacredcentresbWe’re going to share seven timeless spiritual truths that will help strengthen your connection with your Higher Self. And when you make that connection, you will experience the inner peace, joy, prosperity, and happiness you seek. Here are brief snapshots of each of the seven spiritual truths:

1. Your Higher Self knows there’s no white-bearded, anthropomorphic, goodie-god ‘in the sky’ who favors some and punishes others. And there’s no anthropomorphic, red-pajamaed devil sporting a tail and horns who wants to take your soul to “hell.” And, no, the devil doesn’t wear Prada either! Why? Because the devil is a human invention. It’s the dark side of human nature.

2. There’s very definitely a part of you that knows you don’t have to die to go to heaven – or hell. Why?  Because both heaven and hell are states of consciousness. They’re not places we go to when we die, but states of awareness we experience everyday on our journey toward enlightenment.

We discover the nature of heaven when we meditate. Meditation allows us to silence the ego as we enter the higher state of awareness called heaven. It becomes clear to us that heaven is a state of consciousness. We can go to heaven every day, any time we want. It also means we can go to hell any time we want. We experience a hellish state of consciousness when we have anti-Christed thoughts, make anti-Christed choices, and take anti-Christed actions.

We’re probably going to raise a few eyebrows on this next spiritual truth. So, you  champion mainstream theology you may as well raise your eyebrows. Here it comes.

3. Your Higher Self knows that the Only Begotten Son turns out to be the Only Forgotten Son. Why?  Because the embedded theology we all grew up with has misled us. The Only Begotten Son is the Christ Aspect of the Holy Trinity and not the man called Jesus directly.

The Only Begotten Son is God in physicality. It is the Christ Presence that incarnated as Jesus. It is the same Eternal Presence that expressed Itself as Jesus’ disciples and as his mother Mary. It is even the same Christ Presence that was in Pontius Pilate, Herod, Hitler, Stalin, Saddam Hussein, and the Tsarnaev brothers. But these misguided souls repressed it.

It is the same Christ that expressed Itself as Abraham Lincoln, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, John F. Kennedy, Mother Theresa, Princess Diana, Carl Jung, Ernest Holmes, Mary Baker Eddy, Luciano Pavarotti, and 4-year old Lexi Hudson.

It is the same Christ Presence that is in you and me and in our children and grandchildren. It is the same Christ Presence that will be in the next child that is born.

Next we’re going to touch on prayer for just a moment. And it’s a form of prayer most people don’t use. It’s called affirmative prayer and leads into the fourth spiritual truth mentioned below.

4. Deep within us we know we don’t have to petition a god ‘out there’ to answer our prayers. Why? Because that implies a god that is separate from us. We are God expressing. Instead of praying to an anthropomorphic god in the sky, we know deep down that all we have to do is affirm what we want from the awareness of our oneness as the human expressions of that Eternal Presence.

This spiritual truth may be another eye brow raiser.

5. In our depths we know that we are not here to learn lessons. Oh, there will be plenty of lessons because we mess up. We’ll mess up plenty of times. But that’s not why we’re here. We’re here to connect with our Higher Self so we can live the lives we want to live.

We only have space to share two more universal truths that are tucked away in the Extraordinary Us. They’re about the First and Second Coming.

6. Our True Self knows that the First Coming occurs at our birth when the Christ Seed incarnates as us. We are divine beings before our earthly conception, at our conception, and after our conception. Our divinity, like the stardust we referred to in Part I, is in our DNA.

7. Our Higher Self knows that the Second Coming is not a future cataclysmic event of global proportions called the apocalypse by mainstream Christianity. The Second Coming happens in our — and your — head and heart centers when we realize we are human expressions of the Christ Presence. There’s a Third Coming, too, and a Fourth – but that’s another blogcast.

That’s it. We’ve just shared seven spiritual truths that are guaranteed to connect you with your Higher Self.

We invite you to discover just how extraordinary, how fantabulous, how brilliant, how beautiful, how spiritual you really are. Listen to the 85 billion cells in your brain and the 100 trillion cells in your body. They’ll say, “We’re not ordinary, and neither are you.”


As we close, we want to say again, as sincerely and reverently and authentically as we can, that you are an extraordinary expression of the Christ Presence at the point of you.

About Bil and Cher Holton - The Global Center for Spiritual Practices

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