How to Manifest Your Good: Eliminate Intention Deficit Disorder

Choices-ca21697612We are convinced that one of the chief blocks to people manifesting their good is Intention Deficit Disorder. It destroys more dreams and kills more opportunities than honest mistakes and failure combined. So what is it?

You’ve all no doubt heard of ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder. We all have it to some degree! We notice it when our children decide not to listen to us, or when we sit down to meditate and are side-tracked by mind chatter, or when we are trying to figure out our tax returns and a friend calls to play golf. Our attention is easily diverted.

That’s Attention Deficit Disorder. In this blogcast we’re introducing Intention Deficit Disorder. IDD can block your spiritual understanding. And if it blocks your spiritual understanding, it’ll block your spiritual growth.

Intention Deficit Disorder is closely related to the concepts of ‘putting things off till tomorrow so you won’t have to do them today’ and ‘someday I’ll do this or I’ll do that.’

It keeps more people from reaching the prosperity they deserve than job losses and downturns in the economy.

Intention Deficit Disorder is another word for unactualized intentions. We’re sure you’ve heard the expression ‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions.’

Intentions, no matter how good or noble they are, never added a sliced onion to vegetable soup, or put a topping on ice-cream, repaired an argument with a loved one,  or ran in a 5K run.

Clapbd-TakeActionThe power of intention is in actually doing what we intend to do. It is the “taking action and rolling up our sleeves intention” that brings us the results we want.

One of the greatest challenges with intention-manifestation is that we must drop all thoughts that conflict with our desired intention. For example, have you ever held the intention to become more prosperous, while all the while thinking about why prosperity is impossible for you? That is like trying to steal second base with your foot on first.

If we catch ourselves succumbing to iffyness (mental laziness), we must simply turn our attention back to our intention. Our intention is to explain intention in quantum terms so we hope you’ll want to pay attention while we make that connection!

Intention, From a Quantum Perspective

In the past sixty years, physicists have made incredible strides in understanding the laws that govern our universe. One of these is Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, which states that we cannot observe something without changing what we are observing.

According to Heisenberg, we cannot watch something
or be near something without influencing it.

And since we are part of the world we live in, we influence the world around us by our very presence. Observation and intention are intimately related. In quantum physics, how we observe a  subatomic particle determines if it presents itself as a wave or particle.

In the same sense, our intentions underwrite what shows up in our lives based on the power of our intentions.

Psychologist Allan Paivio, professor emeritus of the University of Western Ontario, proposed that the brain uses “dual coding” to process information. This dual coding blurs the boundaries between the physical (particle) and the mental (wave).

For example, mental practice has been shown to work as well as physical practice. Athletes have known that for years. Paivio’s research has been widely adapted to help athletes improve performance by visualizing performance.

The scientific credibility of mental rehearsal was validated in 1990, when the National Academy of Sciences research caught up with what New Thought practitioners have known for years: We create our reality by thoughts followed by intentional actions.

So, intention, real intention, is not just deciding to do something. It’s much more than a mental exercise. Intentionality is a set of harmonious behaviors that are integrated and fine-tuned every day toward a certain life goal.

Intention From a Metaphysical Perspective: Luke 11:9 and John 14:14

These behaviors are based on a spiritual understanding of Luke 11:9, “Ask, believing, and it shall be given unto you.” And John 14: 14, “Ask anything in my name, and I will do it.”

QuesInExcPtActually, the word ‘ask’ is a mistranslation. It should read ‘declare, claim, affirm, or intend.’ We affirm, intend, declare through affirmations, visualizations, prayer, mental rehearsals, seeking guidance, investing time, etc. The power of intention means engaging all of our physical as well as spiritual and emotional senses.

The bottom line is if we say, “I intend to be debt-free by the end of the year” but fail to visualize what that means, and neglect to affirm how that looks, and forget to watch our spending, and resist getting sound money management advice, and postpone instituting the sound money management advice that was suggested – we are suffering from Intention Deficit Disorder.

Intention, real intentionality, involves doing all of those things. It involves thinking, doing, and being. Intention has wings but it must have landing gears as well. It’s as much perspiration as it is inspiration. It’s as much doing on the inside as it is doing on the outside.

John 14:14 says, “Ask anything in my name, and I will do it.” It means ‘Declare anything, affirm anything, intend anything’ from a higher spiritual understanding, from a consciousness of abundance, from an awareness that you can divinely order it – and you shall be able to materialize anything from the unmanifest into the manifest.

ReleaseThe secret is letting go of outcomes! The outcome management we are talking about is not material outcomes but spiritual outcomes. It is the intentional process of aligning ourselves with the good that is already there for us.

We mentioned before that ‘hell is paved with good intentions.’ The hell we’re  referring to is a hellish state of consciousness, one in which we see ourselves separated from our good.

It is a mindset that denies our innate divinity. It denies the omnipresence of good. It denies our God connection. A hellish state of consciousness is a mindset that produces Intention Deficit Disorder.

It’s a state of awareness that perpetuates the myth that we must magnetize our good to us. The truth is our good is already there. We don’t magnetize our good to us! We don’t magnetize our good to us! We don’t magnetize our good to us! We don’t …  You get the picture!

Our good comes through us by right of consciousness. That is the proper directionality. Our job is to align ourselves with the good that is already there. The better we get at that, the more good we will manifest.

The distance between us and our good is an illusion. And the illusion is based on the faulty belief system we have bought into. It is in that sense that the ‘road to hell is paved with you know what!’

So, when we have a good intention and then block its manifestation by dragging our feet, we pave over our divinity with the macadam of disinterest or disbelief.

We invite you to change Intention Deficit Disorder into Intentions Divinely Declared … and see the transformation that takes place as you walk the spiritual path on practical feet!


About Bil and Cher Holton - The Global Center for Spiritual Practices

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