Metaphysically Speaking: A Double-Dozen Interpretations of Common Terms

open blank book and puzzles conceptWe thought we’d share a few metaphysical concepts in this blogcast that will help you appreciate a different perspective on familiar people, places, and things. The meta-interpretations we share are meant to be soul food—you know, food for thought. That being said, our metaphysical perspective is a combination of ontology (the study of being itself) and cosmology (the study of the origin, structure, and dynamics of the multiverse).

We’ll start with a metapixel of what modern day metaphysics offers:

We see metaphysics as a legitimate higher consciousness perspective that provides deeper, more expansive philosophical and spiritual meanings beyond literal interpretations of people, places, and things. We see the difference between  a metaphysical perspective and a literalist view of the world as the difference between quantum physics and classical physics. Quantum physics answers questions classical physics doesn’t. Metaphysics answers questions that a literalist view of the world can’t.

You will notice in the metaphysical interpretations which follow that almost all of the explanations we offer are based on the philosophy that people, places, and things represent traits, qualities, and tendencies within us. There will be a few interpretations that place meanings outside of our heads but not outside of our consciousness. Why? Because we see consciousness as the ground of all being.

So, have fun with the perspectives we share. Some of our interpretations may be new conceptual territory for you. Other interpretations will, no doubt, confirm your own metaphysical bent. All of them, we hope, will excite the metaphysician in you to see the world from an elevated level of consciousness.

Here are just a few of our meta-interpretations of things. We hope you’ll enjoy our snapshots of an expanded perspective:

Aches and pains: disharmony and dis-ease in soul growth; error thoughts and choices that limit our spiritual growth.

Adultery: Choosing error thoughts, words, and actions over spiritual thoughts, words, and actions; rickets of disharmony within our thoughts.

Backsliding: the ouija-ing around of error thoughts in our mind. (We know — ouija-ing is one our made-up words, but it makes sense, doesn’t it?)

Birthdays: every time we awaken (give birth) to new spiritual insights and illumined thoughts.

Churchianity: filling one’s consciousness with religious dogma, biases, and judgments; seeing one’s religious views as the only legitimate religious views.

Crucifixion: the crossing out of error; involution and evolution; the biological process  of recombination of cruciform DNA repairing itself in the cells is similar to our personal cosmology where our cruciform nature rejoins with our cosmic divine essence.

Darkness: unawareness of or refusal to believe in our innate divinity; using an enlightened spiritual perspective as the basis for material appetites and misdeeds.

Earth: egocentric consciousness or our physical body.

Enemies: error thoughts, intentions, and inclinations.

Fire: illumination; the fiery serpentine energy; purifying one’s thoughts; intense spiritual energy; truth that consumes the dross of materialism and sense appetites; destructive fire represents hypercritical attributes and qualities of the unenlightened human mind; a pillar of fire symbolizes the kundalini force (fiery serpentine energies of the Holy Spirit) rising in our spinal cord to purify our spiritual energy centers (chakras).

Hair: vitality; charismatic holiness; spiritual strength; freedom; mastery over the human experience; personal power; shaving one’s head represents renunciation of material appetites or surrendering one’s human self to one’s Divine Nature (pigtails also symbolize surrender to a higher power); cutting one’s hair implies conformity or allegiance to a disciplined pattern of thinking that makes one’s vitality aligned with a higher authority.

Heaven and Earth: Christ Consciousness is heaven and our egocentric human consciousness is earth.

Internet: the modern day version of the Library of Alexandria; an evolving download from the Akashic Records (astral cloud).

Judgment Day(s): periodic self-assessments of spiritual progress; every time we choose truth over error.

Men: thoughts; masculine propensities; paternal instincts.

Money: materialistic thoughts that are the currency of an egocentric consciousness; tribute money represents life’s necessities.

Night: spiritual unreceptivity; unawareness of and/or ignorance of spiritual principles; spiritual blindness; the oncoming of night means willfully resisting and/or blocking spiritual growth.

Original Sin: our initial descent into matter in human form; a newly-formed error thought; missing the mark (awareness) of our innate divinity.

Rocks: rigid ideas and/or concepts; emotional hardness.

Speaking in Tongues: our ability to communicate deeper meanings of hidden truths. That means we can communicate esoteric truths, metaphorical truths, mystical truths, cabalistic truths, theosophical truths, anthroposophical truths, and metaphysical truths in such a way that people can understand them.

Tithes: spiritual thoughts, words, choices, and actions; neuroplasticity.

Upper Room: high spiritual state of consciousness.

Women: emotions; intuition; maternal tendencies.

Valley: our subconscious; repressed egocentric desires, thoughts, and ideas; gross materialism; the product of subconscious urges and desires.

We’ll share more meta-bytes from time-to-time. We’ll draw from Christian and other faith tradition literature as well as from science and everyday living. There are deeper meanings all around us because – you guessed it – consciousness is the ground of all being!

hands hold the half earthWe hope you’ve enjoyed this serendipitous romp through metaphysical territory. As you can see, it goes well beyond concrete operational thought and takes you into allegorical, metaphorical, esoterical, and super-intuitive states of consciousness. But we hope it also helps you interpret scripture, dreams, and experiences in a deeper, more meaningful way to strengthen your spiritual enrichment.


About Bil and Cher Holton - The Global Center for Spiritual Practices

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