How to Win a Lotta Lottery

money-tree-ca-30745823 copyIt will come as no surprise that national Power Ball and Mega Million lotteries are doing a brisk business these days. Tens of millions of people play them each week. The lottery business seems to be an inflation-proof business. It does well regardless of the economic climate.

Why? Because people want to get rich quickly. They believe the lottery is the answer to enduring happiness and wealth. They believe that when they hit the lottery all of their troubles will be over. Or at least they’ll have plenty of money to throw at their troubles.

When the jackpots reach 100’s of millions of dollars that’s a lotta lottery. Unfortunately, state and national lotteries are designed to award only one or two big winners or a small group of winners. The chances of most people winning the lottery’s big prize are slim. And like most gaming institutions, the odds are astronomically in favor of the house.

But people still play. The rationale is – “Somebody’s got to win. So, it may as well be me.” “You’ve got to pay to play.” “You must be in it to win it!”

ResearchHere’s what science says about lottery winners: Lottery winners report higher levels of happiness immediately following the event. But, research shows that within months their happiness levels drop and people return to their normal baseline of happiness. This suggests that money does not cause long term, sustainable happiness (Brickman, Philip; Coates and Janoff-Bulman (1978). “Lottery Winners and Accident Victims: Is Happiness Relative?” Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 36 (8): 917–927).

Another lottery — Just for You

The exciting news is that there’s another kind of lottery! It’s a personalized lottery, one that is designed for 7 billion daily winners. We’re not kidding! And it’s got nothing to do with buying traditional lottery tickets. You have immediate access to this “lottery” by right of consciousness. It’s called the Right of Consciousness Lottery and it has everything to do with the “Self” neuroscientists call the “Deeper Self.” And your phenomenal lottery winnings start when you start believing in your connection with the Extraordinary You (your Deeper Self).

Your consciousness is the true lottery. You manifest what you manifest by right of consciousness. Many people think success comes to us – from out there. From a worldly perspective everything seems to come from ‘out there.’ And that’s the mindset most people have because we’ve been taught that our good comes to us from ‘out there.’ And the state-run lotteries contribute to our belief that our good comes from ‘out there.’

When you realize that your good comes through you – by right of consciousness – you will experience the success you seek! When you realize that your good comes through you, you will hear that ‘still small voice.’ When you realize that your good comes through you, you will weather any difficult  economic times with confidence, grace, and poise.

We’ve got to tell you, we’re fans of the Right of Consciousness Lottery. Why? Because it works! The only odds against you are the odds you create.

So, affirm your success. Declare it! Expect it! Believe in your right to obtain good things. Your success can come quickly. It can come from your next thought, your next choice, your next action. It comes when you think more positively than negatively. It comes when you cultivate a giving consciousness. It comes when you subordinate your ego to your Deeper Self.

When you connect with your Deeper Self, your Neocortex (the newest part of your brain) lights up. That’s what neuroscientists tell us. Unfortunately, most people live in the darkness of the limbic brain (the reptilian part of our brain) which houses the amygdala (the part of the brain responsible for our fear-based  responses). So, make each day a Neocortex day instead of an amygdala outing.

Touch your forehead – that’s where the Neocortex is. Keep your hand there. Now touch your heart. When you consistently and unapologetically make the connection between your Neocortex and your heart center you will enjoy the fruits of your raised consciousness. You’ll hit your personal lottery everyday.

When you fill your consciousness with positive, life-affirming thoughts you will create whatever you need for your personal and professional growth and happiness. And those who are addicted to materiality and selfishness will lose many worthwhile opportunities for enduring growth and happiness.

Whether or not to play the state-funded lotteries is a question you must answer for yourself. However, we’re more interested in keeping you interested in your Right of Consciousness Lottery! That’s the lottery, the goldmine, we want to help you access everyday of your life because it is based on your giving – not taking – consciousness.

The Roadmap to Your Right of Consciousness Lottery

So – are you ready to enjoy the biggest and best lottery of all? Your chances of winning this one are really high – in fact, you are a GUARANTEED winner if you just play! And to make it even better, we have the roadmap for you, so there are no excuses for not becoming a Jackpot Winner!

But before we get to the roadmap, let’s be sure you understand the stakes! Your joy is at stake. Your over-all success … your life satisfaction … your energy and health … your ability to use your talents and skills … your inner peace … your chances at finding the perfect soulmate … all depend on your Right of Consciousness ticket.

You don’t have to lay it all on the line everyday, running after all sorts of gimmicks and false promises, trying to get it all, have it all, be it all! The truth is so simple … and yet, so difficult! All you need to do is believe that a giving consciousness is the route to receiving!

You may have heard the story Acres of Diamonds, the parable told by Russell Conwell, who served as a captain in the Union Army during the Civil War and eventually traveled around the country speaking. Acres of Diamonds was his most famous talk, delivered over 6,000 times.

Liberty Dollar StackThe heart of it was based on a parable he heard while traveling through what is now present-day Iraq. It was about a man who sold his farm, left his family, and travelled the world in search of diamonds, ending up exhausted, frustrated, and impoverished, eventually throwing himself into the sea. The man who purchased his farm discovered a shiny stone in the stream cutting through his property, which turned out to be a diamond! Upon digging, he discovered his property was filled with “acres of diamonds!”

You may have your own “acres of diamonds” story … but you may not have recognized it. Or maybe it is still in the making! The key is that everything you ever need … you have. You can’t give what you don’t have, right? So, adopt giving as your chief receiving strategy! If you think we’re kidding research bears it out:

ResearchMoney can buy happiness – if you share it. That’s one of the key research findings of a University of B.C. professor who collaborated on a new book called, Happy Money: The Science of Smarter Spending. Elizabeth Dunn, a psychology professor at UBC, worked to compile global evidence that no matter if people are rich or poor, they report being happier spending money on others than on themselves. The research, which includes data from more than 130 countries, was compiled in partnership with Prof. Michael Norton of the Harvard Business School (O’Connor E., Money Buys Happiness If You Share It, The Providence, May 10, 2013).

MapToSpirLotterySo here’s your roadmap to your Right of Consciousness Lottery — your Spiritual Lottery:

1. Starting Point: Begin with intention! Block off 15-30 minutes daily of uninterrupted time for affirmative prayer, meditation, positive affirmations.

2. Spend time in your contemplative practice. (It’s okay to use quiet music, scented candles, and other tools ~ but it’s not necessary. Do what works for you!)

3. Create powerful positive self-talk statements about optimistic giving, and use them daily.

4. Think of different ways of giving and adopt half a dozen of them.

5. Live from an attitude of gratitude. Every day, create a list of at least 5 things you are grateful for.

6. Give joyfully from what you have, expanding your awareness of your giving consciousness.

7. Build a philanthropic network with others of like mind, and organize giving campaigns.

We can’t say this any more pragmatically. If your Right of Consciousness Lottery is in alignment with your Deeper Self, you will ‘win’ a lotta lotteries. The “winnings” we’re talking about are priceless – and enduring: inner peace, joy, happiness, inner strength, authenticity, health, confidence, a sense of purpose, creativity, personal power, superior intuition, deeper understanding, wisdom, uncommon sense, heightened awareness, perennial optimism, and even enlightenment!

We think you’ll agree that those “lottery” winnings are worth considerably more than the money state and national lotteries are offering you. And your Right of Consciousness Lottery will help you walk the spiritual path on practical feet!


About Cher & Bil Holton

Since 1984, Cher & Bil Holton have been co-owners of The Holton Consulting Group, Inc., helping corporate and association clients enhance bottom-line results using cutting edge employee engagement. Their keynote speeches, turbo-training, and coaching sessions are practical, grounded in research, and lots of fun to boot! They are prolific authors, and take "Indiana Jones" vacations to continually stretch their limits!
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2 Responses to How to Win a Lotta Lottery

  1. stephanie says:

    the last two days, my third Wisdom tooth has finally pushed thru ending 3 decades of “teething”.the other two, (one i had removed and on hindsight wished i did had not) usually took ten years each to reach its position in my jaw, and usually the movement of the teeth that i could feel and experience usually coinicided with major spiritual lessons. so when at just turning 51 in july, moving 5000 miles to the middle of the pacific, with just me, myself and i (along with a consult with my natal astrocartography placements), i found myself looking up wisdom teeth/metaphysical, because of the acute spiritual change t and bliss that i have experienced even thru hardships, physical illness etc and my personal theory of with the teeth come the lesson! and i find your site and posts! of course, Fabulous!!! Then i read the post re: your words/phrases, and the “birthday” definition made me remember that September 10 is my progressed birthday for this year. and tonight is the 9th! how apropo! also jupiter is transiting my 10th house this year, trining my natal jupiter in the 5th.(lotto , would be sooo…love your site, i just thought i’d pass on my info..oh and the pot shot post was good too!


    • Thanks for sharing your experience, Stephanie! It is amazing (and should not come as a surprise, but it often does) how we attract ourselves to exactly the right information when we set the intention! You have accomplished some incredible things, and it sounds like you are growing in your spiritual awareness in the process.Good for you! Abundant blessings! Cher & Bil


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