How to Connect With the Super Hero Within You

superman_logoThe latest movie of the Superman film franchise is scheduled to hit theaters on June 14, 2013. Laurence Fishburne, who plays Perry White in the latest ‘Man of Steel’ movie, was interviewed on Good Morning America recently. His experience as an actor in the movie left him with the impression that “There is a Superman in all of us.”

As we listened to his assertion, we were reminded of our belief that we don’t need a Super Hero to “save” us, because we all have a Super Hero with us!  All we need to do is connect with it!

This awareness leads us to the question many people have asked us through the years: “What is my True Nature?” So, we pose that question in this blogcast merely as a preamble to a much better question. Why? Because our ‘True Nature’ has already been confirmed and validated many times!

It has been re-discovered by mystics and spiritual teachers from one corner of the world to another. Philosophers and psychologists have uncovered It and labeled It. Forward-thinking scientists have deduced It. Truth seekers have realized It.

It has been spoken, published, Tweeted, Facebooked, Pinterested, YouTubed, liked, pinned, and shared by tens of millions.

Our True ‘Superman/Superwoman’ Nature is well-known! People who have moved beyond the limitations of their past conditioning know the answer to the perfunctory question we posed earlier in this blogcast.

Our True Nature is that we are the One Presence
showing up as us in human form!

None of us is an unscripted extra on the world stage of physical existence. Each of us is an expression, in human form, of the One Presence, the God of our understanding. Our value is priceless. Our potential unlimited. Our ability to make a positive difference inestimable. Our destiny is the same: to be perfect expressions of the One Presence in human form to in service to humankind.

Our human form, the physical us, is a very small part of us. However, its quantum dimension is mind-boggling:

binary-starsEach of us is an atomic pastiche: the iron atoms in our blood carrying oxygen at this moment to our cells came largely from exploding white dwarf stars, while the oxygen itself came mainly from exploding supernovas that ended the lives of massive stars, and most of the carbon in the carbon dioxide we exhale on every breath came from planetary nebulas, the death clouds of middle-sized stars a little bigger than our sun. We are made of material created and ejected into the Galaxy by the violence of earlier stars. Human beings are made of the rarest material in the universe: stardust. Except for hydrogen, which makes up about a tenth of our weight, the rest of our body is stardust. Our bodies literally had the entire history of the universe, witnessed and enacted by our atoms. (John Primack and Nancy Ellen Abrams, The View From the Center of the Universe, Riverhead Books, 2006, pgs. 94 and 99).

There is another dimension of us – our innate divinity, the ‘Super Us’ – that connects us with our higher, more spiritual essence

Theosophist Jiddu Krishnamurti affirms that “we are the world.” And Unity minister Eric Butterworth reminds us that “the whole universe is concentrated at the point where we are. More than this – we are the universe expressing as us.”

Ernest Holmes says “we are not individuals in God, but individualizations of God.” “Our souls are one with God,” says Edgar Cayce. Helena Blavatsky assures us the “essential us is one with the Universal Divine Principle.” “There is a Superman Christ in all of us,” asserts Unity’s co-founder, Charles Fillmore. St. Catherine of Genoa declared, “My deepest me is God.”

Modern day neurologists have also discovered this “deepest me.” Andrew Newberg and Eugene D’Aquili, co-authors of Why God Won’t Go Away, report that “Mystical reality holds, and the neurology does not contradict it, that beneath the mind’s perception of thoughts, memories, emotions, and beneath the subjective awareness we think of as the self, there is a Deeper Self, a state of pure awareness that sees beyond the limits of subject and object, and rests in a universe where all things are one.”

Meister Eckhart asks the question that is the perfect segue to the ‘much better question’ we alluded to at the beginning of this blogcast. He asks, “What good is it to me if the Son of God was born to Mary 1400 years ago but is not born in my person and in my culture and in my time?”

Humankind’s most grievous errors, then, are either denying our innate divinity or failing to express our True Nature once we realize we are divine beings having a human experience. The question which begs to be asked is:

Since we are the Eternal Presence expressing Itself in human form as us,
how long will it take us to honor our own innate divinity
and the divinity in others?

world-hands-ca32247939Imagine the world we could create! Shared enlightenment and the collective good would be global imperatives. Love, peace, happiness, joy, compassion, health, and respect would be the universal currencies. Safety and security would be concepts that are taken for granted. Human potential – and its application – would be from an elevated consciousness. The goodness in everyone would be nurtured and honored.

Does this sound impossible?

Not at all. Because there is a Superman/Superwoman quality within each of us! We are much more than atomic pastiches. We are divine pastiches, too! We have the life force of the One Presence coursing through our veins.

There is no need for us to look ‘out there’ for a Super Hero. There is a Super Hero within us waiting to be unleashed.

Here are three ways to make the connection to our Super Hero Within … it’s as simple as A-B-C:

A. Acknowledge your potential, not your problems. When you focus on your problems, you get tense, frustrated, fearful — and block the flow of Divine Ideas that bring solutions. You look “out there” for someone to rescue you, when all along the answer lies within you. Myrtle Fillmore is quoted as saying, when people said to pray that the money would hold out, that instead “we should pray for our faith to hold out!” Affirm the innate Divinity within, knowing you have everything you need to resolve any situation you face.

B. Bless what you have. What you bless is multiplied and grows. When you focus on your lack or your problems, you are literally invoking a Negative Blessing! So make a gratitude list, and bless what you have. As you focus on blessings, you open the floodgates for solutions and resources to manifest.

C. Create time to spend in the Silence. This does not just mean time being quiet! We are talking about time where you focus on that special, inner sanctum of the Domain of the Divine. As you spend time in the Silence (we lovingly call it Headquarters), you connect with the wisdom of the Oneness, and realize there is absolutely no separation between your human self and your Super Self that is One with the Divine.

You have a Super Hero within you! Claim it, embrace it, and use it, and you can truly walk the spiritual path on practical feet!


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