From Insecurity to In Security: The #1 Tip to Never Be Insecure Again

world-key-ca7362379From a personal safety and sense of well-being standpoint, the word security is usually defined as: freedom from risk or danger; the assurance of protection and safety; freedom from doubt, anxiety, or fear. So, insecurity could be defined as not having a sense of freedom or protection from risk, danger, doubt, anxiety, or fear.

We suppose it would be fair to say that insecurity is destabilizing, unnerving, paranoia-generating, and isolation-producing. People who are chronically insecure tend to be emotional wrecks and distrust everyone. Uneasiness and nervousness seem to permeate their thoughts, words, and actions.

The sobering thing about insecurity is that all of us have a touch of it. Fortunately, most people can function with a pinch of insecurity. Unfortunately, insecurity is raising its ugly head more and more all over the world these days. Unemployment, financial worries, Wall Street jitters, natural disasters, distrust in government, health care woes, and increasing instances of terrorism are taking their toll on the human psyche.

We’re going to go out on the proverbial limb and say that all of the insecurities we’ve mentioned above spring from the same source:
We have lost touch with who we really are!

And when billions of people lose touch with who they are, they tend to create problems for billions of people who have also lost touch with who they are. The malaise becomes a global malaise.

The good news is we can change that! And we can change it sooner than you might think. We can go from worldwide insecurity to a world in security. We’re not kidding. We wouldn’t kid you about a thing like that.

Here’s How:

It will require a shift in consciousness. It will positively, absolutely, without a doubt demand moving beyond the reluctance to fully embrace our own innate divinity – and the innate divinity in everyone else! Anything short of that will keep us all in insecurity.

We must honor our shared Core Essence – our universal divinity. We must unhesitatingly embrace the sacred truth that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. We have all come from the same Source.

We are feeling insecure because we have forgotten our Core Essence. And because we have forgotten, neglected, and repressed our shared Core Nature, we have done things to each other that reflect our insensitivity, fear, and limited awareness.

Our Core Essence is real. It is waiting for us to actualize it.

Philosophers and spiritual leaders have referred to it. But so have psychologists, sociologists, and neuro-theologists. The term ‘True Self’ first appeared in the Zohar, the mystical commentary of the Jewish Kabbalah. Psychologist Carl Rogers referred to it as the ‘True Self’ in the1950’s.

Butterfly.4Psychologist Alice Miller, one of Rogers contemporaries, agreed and said that when the ‘True Self’ is liberated it “emerges like a butterfly liberated from its chrysalis and an unexpected wealth of vitality is released.”

Psychologist D. W. Winnicott used the term “True Self” in 1960 to describe a “sense of self based on spontaneous authentic experience, a sense of all-out personal aliveness” or “feeling real. Psychologist Daniel Stern called it the ‘Core Self’ and Eric Fromm called it the ‘Original Self.’

According to the latest research in the neurosciences, Dr. Newberg asserts, “Beneath the mind’s perception of thoughts, memories, emotions, and beneath the subjective awareness we think of as the self, there is a Deeper Self, a state of pure awareness that sees beyond the limits of subject and object, and rests in a universe where all things are one.”

Exclamation PointWe call it our Extraordinary Self, but also refer to it as: the Wise You, the Spectacular You, the Authentic You, your Deeper Self, the Phenomenal You, the Peerless You, the Exceptional You, the Unparalleled You, the Legendary You, the Marvelous You, the One-of-a-Kind You, the Remarkable You, the Awesome You, the Astounding You, the Stunning You, the Electrifying You, the Sensational You, the Mesmerizing You, the Amazing You, the Spellbinding You, the Hypnotic You, the Fascinating You, the Fantabulous You, the Stupendous You, the Jaw-Dropping You, the Mind-Boggling You, the Dazzling You, the Brilliant You, your Super Self, your Christ Self, your Buddha Self, your Krishna Self, the Enlightened You.

If that sounds like we’re going over-board with those descriptions we invite you to think for a moment about how secure you would feel if people all over the world believed that about themselves – about each other – and about you!

We would go from worldwide insecurity to a world in security. We would all live in security. We would be secure in our relationship, in our indivisible connection with our innate divinity.

Imagine what we could get done from that secure perspective. There truly would be heaven on earth – for everyone.

About Bil and Cher Holton - The Global Center for Spiritual Practices

Combine a flair for the dramatic, a deep understanding of metaphysics combined with the teachings of Jesus, and a zest for neuroscience and Positive Psychology, and you have defined the dynamic duo who are at the heart of The Global Center for Spiritual Practices, a Cyber Home for people who are more spiritual than religious. Revs. Drs. Bil and Cher Holton bring quite a background of experience and depth of knowledge to this special ministry. They are dynamic and thought-provoking speakers, prolific authors, and spiritual teachers. Check them out at
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