Getting Beatitudes 9 and 10 (a BONUS) Right : Metaphysical Interpretation of Matthew 5:11

Mountainside-SermOnMt-9-BonusThese past few weeks we’ve been sharing the deeper spiritual meanings and more correct interpretations of the Beatitudes from an Aramaically-enhanced metaphysical perspective. It’s time to wrap up our Metaphysical Interpretation of the Beatitudes with the  9th Beatitude, found in Matthew 5:11.

It is obvious from the title of this blogcast that we have included a 10th Be-Attitude. Although it is not part of the original Beatitudes, we hope you will find it both valuable and relevant on your spiritual journey. We’ll start with the 9th Beatitude and then use the bonus 10th Be-Attitude as a wrap-up.

Beatitude #9: Matthew 5:11

The 9th Beatitude is the last of the scriptural Be-Attitudes that the Christ as Jesus presented in his Sermon on the Mount keynote speech 2,000 years ago. As we have done in the eight previous Beatitudes we shall present what we believe to be a more enlightened and expanded perspective.

scream-sxc924206_32902585The traditional 9th Be-Attitude complements and completes the 8th one, but not in the way it is generally written. It’s mistranslated version says: “Blessed are they that are persecuted for righteousness’ sake; for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when men shall reproach you and persecute you, and say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets that were before you.”

This translation asks us to wear reproach and persecution like badges of honor. The implication is that our earthly suffering and sacrifice will be rewarded when we step through the Pearly Gates.

And the justification for taking this abuse is that our loved ones, and friends, and Biblical prophets all went through the same gauntlet of misery for their faithfulness. So, we are to be tough like they were!

The picture the mistranslation of this Be-Attitude paints is a bit frightening. Its focus is on external resistance. It is true that while we are spiritual beings in human form we will, no doubt, face human challenges and ideological attacks; however, this Beatitude was designed for introspection, not external relationship dramas.

The reproaches, persecutions, and false accusations mentioned in this Be-Attitude are all mental hiccups which take place within our own thought universe.

The Christ as Jesus was concerned about our inner spiritual development. His whole ministry was devoted to showing us how we can actualize our innate divinity.

So, what is this Be-Attitude really saying?

We believe the 9th Be-Attitude says:

mountaintop-victory-ca37900401Spiritually enriched are those who press on, who do not allow the inertia of past programming and embedded theology to dampen their spirituality. Their devotion to right thinking will pay off.

In his thought provoking book, The Shaking of the Foundation, Paul Tillich says: “The name of the infinite and exhaustible depth and ground of all being is God. In order to take that depth seriously … you may have to forget everything traditional you learned about God.”

We agree with Tillich except for his diplomatic addition of the word ‘may’ to the phrase “may have to forget everything you learned.”

The truth is, in order to understand the depth of the Eternal Presence we call God, we must forget much of the traditional “stuff” we have learned about God as an anthropomorphic deity in the sky.

As we have shared before, much of the traditional translations of scripture are mistranslations. We’re proponents of the truth. We hope you are too. The truth truly makes you free. Free from what? Free from …

  • an embedded theology based on mistranslations, and
  • free from the misdirection caused by those mistranslations.

In our quest to help you walk the spiritual path on practical, informed, knowledgeable, spirit-filled feet, we unapologetically and enthusiastically invite you to forget most of the conventional things you have learned about the Bible as an inerrant source of spiritual knowledge and God as a white-haired man in the sky who favors some and punishes others.

Our Bonus Be-Attitude

We could even turn that invitation into a 10th Be-Attitude for your spiritual growth and continued enlightenment:

Out-of-Box ThinkingSpiritually informed are those who have the courage and moxie to forget conventional misconceptions they learned about the Bible and God; for they shall become truly enlightened.

There you have it! Our much too brief metaphysical treatment of the Beatitudes. We hope our perspective has deepened your spiritual growth, and perhaps even confirmed your growing awareness that traditional literal interpretations of sacred scripture need to be explored on a deeper, more esoteric level to uncover the truths they hold.

Our Wish for You

Wherever you are in your spiritual growth, we invite you to:

  • continue growing;
  • repot yourself;
  • find another ‘pot’ if necessary;
  • be aware that whatever ‘new container’ you find will always be smaller than your expanding consciousness.

You may find yourself wanting to stay for awhile in a certain ‘pot’ or with a certain ‘potter’ — and that’s okay. Whatever the length of your visit, make sure it adds to your spiritual expansion.

Be willing to be the best, most informed, most aware, most at peace, most extraordinary divine being you can be.


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2 Responses to Getting Beatitudes 9 and 10 (a BONUS) Right : Metaphysical Interpretation of Matthew 5:11

  1. Bob says:

    Thank you for the posts and particularly the 10th Be-Attitude.

    Whilst this is my first day of visiting, this post basically has said exactly the same conclusions i have derived in my recent ‘awakening’/discovery/repottedness. This body is under new management and will be from now one ( with hopefully only very minor relapses!)

    i shall be following your blog now. 🙂

    God Bless.


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