Getting the 7th and 8th Beatitudes Right: Metaphysical Interpretation of Matthew 5:9-10

Mountainside-SermOnMt-7-8These past few weeks we’ve shared the deeper spiritual meanings and more correct interpretations of six of the nine Beatitudes from an Aramaically-enhanced metaphysical perspective. In this blogcast we are adding metaphysical light to the  7th and 8th Beatitudes, found in Matthew 5:9-10.

Beatitude #7: Matthew 5:9

The traditional version of the 7th Beatitude says: “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.”

The world needs peacemakers, wouldn’t you agree? It needs them in every country, village, hamlet, and town. It needs them in Newtown, Connecticut—and Boston and Watertown, Massachusetts—and Kabul, Afghanistan—and San Pedro Sula, Honduras— and Caracas, Venezuela—and in every town anywhere in  the world.

The world needs hundreds of millions of peacemakers. But peace on earth begins within each of us. It’s an inside job. Until we find inner peace there won’t be peace in the world around us! And that’s the real focus of the 7th Beatitude.

If we take a closer look at the word ‘peacemakers’ as it is used in traditional interpretations of scripture we find an inconsistency in its true meaning. Metaphysically speaking:

    • ‘Peacemakers’ is a mistranslation of the Aramaic expression abdey shlama which means “through service, work conscientiously to find inner peace.” The Christ as Jesus knew that the cause, peace within us, leads to the effect, peace on earth.
    • children in sacred scripture generally represent divine ideas
    • childhood symbolizes our developing Christ potential

So, what is this Be-Attitude really saying?

Being true to the original Aramaic meaning and adding a pinch of metaphysics, we believe the 7th Be-Attitude says:

Meditation-Collage-smallSpiritually enriched are those who work conscientiously to follow a spiritual practice that brings them inner peace, for they will  be shining examples of their innate divinity.

Beatitude #8: Matthew 5:10

Let’s take a closer look at the 8th Beatitude. The 8th Be-Attitude as it is normally translated says: “Blessed are they that have been persecuted for righteousness’ sake; for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

Unfortunately, this mistranslation has led hundreds of millions of people through the centuries to accept martyrdom and victimization as badges of honor. It has been interpreted to mean blessed are those who are persecuted for being ambassadors for Christian dogma as expressed in the literal interpretations of Biblical scripture.

Standing for something so you won’t fall for something else is vitally important. And refusing to compromise your principles in the face of criticism or even punishment is, well, heroic! However, this ‘me against the world’ focus, this ‘me, you, they’ orientation, is not what this Be-Attitude is about.

Our spiritual growth is an inside-out process. It demands introspection, self-control, and self-consciousness. And one of the best ways to do that is to use external events as metaphors for what’s going on inside of us. Another good place to start is to make sure translations from one language into another are accurate.

    • The key word here mistranslated as persecuted actually comes from the Aramaic word dea-trdepo which means ‘restraining from temptation.’

The only persecution this Be-Attitude is talking about takes place between our ears. And our persecutors are errant thoughts, stale belief systems, and self-defeating habits, which are the chief characteristics of lack consciousness.

    • And as we’ve already learned in previous blogcasts the word righteousness means ‘right thinking.’

So, what is this Be-Attitude really saying?

Using the true Aramaic meanings, the 8th Be-Attitude says:

stones for meditationSpiritually attuned are they who do not allow temptations to deter them from right thinking; for they shall honor their divinity by aligning their human personality with their Christ individuality.

That perspective makes better sense to us than the errors associated with mistranslations and the unfortunate biases generated from wayward literal perspectives.

We invite you to take these two Beatitudes as you’ve taken the previous six to prayer.  See what resonates. Use your open-mindedness and discernment as ‘wings of enlightenment’ so you can soar to new spiritual heights.


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Since 1984, Cher & Bil Holton have been co-owners of The Holton Consulting Group, Inc., helping corporate and association clients enhance bottom-line results using cutting edge employee engagement. Their keynote speeches, turbo-training, and coaching sessions are practical, grounded in research, and lots of fun to boot! They are prolific authors, and take "Indiana Jones" vacations to continually stretch their limits!
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