Getting the 3rd and 4th Beatitudes Right – a Metaphysical Interpretation for Practical Spirituality

Mountainside-SermOnMt-3-4Last week we shared a metaphysical interpretation of the first two Beatitudes (we refer to them as Be-Attitudes). If they made sense to you we hope you’ll try the 3rd and 4th ones on for size. We believe these interpretations will deepen your spirituality and your appreciation for the metaphysical perspective.

Beatitude #3: Matthew 5:5

The 3rd Be-Attitude, as it is generally written says: “Blessed are the meek; for they shall inherit the earth.”

As it is normally understood, meek means modest, resigned, submissive, self-abasing. It suggests a willingness to ‘be seen and not heard.’ To willingly submit to authority. To be compliant and silent.

It appears to promise us that we will be blessed if we are submissive and self-abased! It implies that submissive, withdrawn people will inherit the earth.

We think not! We’re fair students of history and current events, and we can tell you meek, submissive, withdrawn people, no matter how nice they are, seem to be followers and not leaders.

They don’t run for President. They aren’t world leaders or CEO’s of mega-corporations. They don’t coach sports teams or stand out in a crowd. They aren’t top-selling salespeople. They aren’t voted chairs of committees or appointed to top government posts.

So, what is this Be-Attitude really saying?

The first clue comes from the Originator of the Be-Attitudes himself. He was a man who revolutionized the world 2,000 years ago and his message has that same transformative quality today.

It comes from a man who blasted the religious authorities of his time. A man who was outspoken … Who reinterpreted Jewish law … Who became one with his Christ Self and showed us how we can do the same thing.

Clearly, that doesn’t sound like a man who encouraged us to be submissive, self-abasing, and seen but not heard.

The word meek is a mistranslation. It is a categorical boo boo! The more accurate translation of the word praeis has an undeniable connotation of ‘nonresistance’ or ‘unrestrained receptivity.’

And earth, as it is used in this Be-Attitude means our ‘waking consciousness.’ So, ‘inherit the earth’ has nothing to do with world conquest and the wars, politics, and pandemics that go with it!

So, we believe this Be-Attitude means:

kites-ca34829931Spiritually adept are those who are nonresistant to their innate divinity, who are unrestrained in their receptivity to esoteric perspectives; for they shall inherit a waking consciousness grounded in metaphysical truths.

Beatitude #4: Matthew 5:6

The 4th Be-Attitude, as it is generally written says: “Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after righteousness; for they shall be filled.”

The key to understanding this Be-Attitude is a correct interpretation of the word ‘righteousness.’ Knowing what we know about the nature and character of the Christ as Jesus, the religious revolutionary, the man who became fully conscious of his innate divinity, we do not believe he would have endorsed exclusive religious codes, or defended denominational dogmas, or advocated people walking around with pious grins on their faces.

So, what is this Be-Attitude really saying?

Righteousness, metaphysically interpreted, means ‘right thinking.’ It means Christed thinking. It means keeping our thoughts at a spiritual octave. To ‘hunger and thirst’ after right thinking means to dedicate yourself to expanding your spiritual awareness beyond conventional and dogmatic biases.

Walled beliefs and fixed perspectives are the unfortunate benchmarks of a closed mind. Rigid religious mindsets must give way to flexible spiritual scholarship. You must be willing to leave limited perspectives for more expansive ones.

Otherwise, a condition we refer to as religious glaucoma occurs, which blinds us to higher spiritual truths. If left untreated it can become petrified dogma and lead to permanent blindness. When that happens spiritual growth is stifled and religious myopia sets in.

So, if we allow ourselves to take the dogmatic blinders off, we believe the 4th  Be-Attitude says:

butterflySpiritually attuned are those who dedicate themselves to an expanded spiritual awareness (right thinking),  for they shall fulfill their Christ potential by aligning their human nature with their Christ Nature.

We hope you’ll agree that locked within the pristine waters of literal interpretations of sacred scripture are hidden spiritual truths which truly can set us free – free from dogma and free from religious glaucoma.

Next week we tackle Beatitudes # 6 & 7. Let us know what you think so far!


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