From Red Planet Rovers to Juicy Red Apples

A ten year old boy and a seven year old girl each want a juicy red delicious apple. Unfortunately, the apple of their eye is five feet above their heads on a tree.

As they stand there looking at their dilemma, the little girl has an idea. She reminds him that all things are possible. And that they can divinely order their apples.

Then she tells her friend that if he lets her stand on his shoulders she can reach the lowest tree limb and grab the nearest apples. He agrees and in a few moments each enjoys a delicious apple.

The youngsters wanted to reach five feet to retrieve their apples. In the latest news from Cape Canaveral NASA wanted to reach back from the red planet Mars – a distance considerably more than five feet – with a human voice. Here’s what happened. A U.S. robotic field geologist on Mars beamed back the first human voice transmission from the space rover, Curiosity, on Monday, August 27, 2012.

The principles work when we work them, regardless of the distance between where we are and what we want to manifest!

Remember Jimmy Durante? He and his agent were on their way to a radio show in Durante’s honor. They had also planned to make a quick stop at a veteran’s hospital on the way. Jimmy had a soft spot, as do we, for veterans injured in foreign wars.

Durante did a portion of his one man show, sang, played the piano, and tap danced for the vets. As he was ushered quickly toward the door after his performance by his agent, Jimmy noticed two veterans on the front row. They were still enthusiastically applauding his performance.

Fans showing their appreciation was not unusual. What was unusual is that both of these veterans were amputees. One had lost his left arm and the other his right arm. But together they were able to applaud him using each other’s good hand.

The principles work when we work them! We can do amazing things despite our human limitations – which usually turn out to be less limiting than we think.

Unique combinations of the 26 letters in the English alphabet produced this blogcast. They produced the words we used to tell the stories and the blog notes we used to create the blog in the first place.

These examples have one thing in common. They are all about the synergy of applying truth principles whether you’ve thought of it from that perspective or not.

We thought we’d shrink the distance between our divine nature and our human nature with this next comment. It includes mentioning a commonly used phrase that reinforces the illusion of our separation from Spirit. The phrase is: “All things work together for good.” It is based on a misinterpretation of Romans 8:28.

The scripture as it normally appears reads: “We know that for  those who are called according to (God’s) purpose, all things work together for good.” (New International Version). At first blush it sounds wonderful until you realize it implies distance between us and Spirit.

How many times have you heard someone say, “Things have a way of working out.” or “It will turn out all right in the end because all things work together for good.” Or, in its more extreme forms, “It’s all good.” “God is good all the time.” or “It is what it is.”

Romans 8:28 does not say everything that happens is good. Nor does it say all things turn out like we want them to all the time. It most definitely doesn’t say whatever happens to us is supposed to happen to us.

We believe its truer meaning implies that God’s Presence underwrites all things in potentia, and that it is us who determines whether things work together for good or not. The good is “omnipresently here” in the Source Field of potential. We just need to express it and manifest it – individually or collectively.

The phrase “to work together ” as the Apostle Paul used it comes from the root word sunergeo which is Aramaic. It shares its origins with the Greek words “sunergiā,” which means “mutual cooperation,” and sunergos which means, “working in concert.” Paul used the word sunergeo in Romans 8:28 to explain the dynamic synergy which occurs in human, divine, and cosmic affairs.

At its most basic interpretation, the synergy of applying truth principles means establishing unity, balance, and equilibrium between our consciousness and God Mind. It carries with it the idea that the whole, the Source Field, is greater than the sum of its parts.

The youngsters, in the opening story, used synergy to retrieve the apples. NASA used the synergy of brainpower and technology to transmit a human voice back from the Red Planet. The veterans used their combined synergy to applaud Jimmy Durante. The words we’re using in this blogcast are synergized letters formed into words which are formed into sentences which we hope make sense.

We believe that what Romans 8:28 is telling us from a more spiritual perspective is: When we synergize our human nature with our Christ Nature (Buddha Nature, Krishna Nature, Divine Nature), we will be able to work all things together for good.

Notice we didn’t say we’ll be able to work most things, or some things, or almost all things, or a few things together for good. The principle emphatically implies: When we synergize our human nature with our Innate Divine Nature, when we consistently make Christed choices (Buddha-like choices, Krishna-like choices), when we stop sabotaging ourselves, we will be able to work all things together for good.

We invite you to enjoy a juicy red apple as you walk the spiritual path on Planet Earth – which is only a nanosecond in consciousness from the Red Planet!


About the authors: In addition to their work with The Metaphysical Website, Revs. Drs. Bil and Cher Holton are co-ministers of a growing church in Durham, NC. They are prolific authors, dynamic speakers, and master facilitators. Learn more by visiting them at



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