The God Particle: What Does It Mean From a Spiritual and Metaphysical Perspective?

It was officially announced on Wednesday, July 4, 2012. Physicists say they’ve found evidence of the ‘God particle.’ Rolf Heuer, the head of the world’s biggest atom smasher, says they have discovered a new particle that is consistent with the long-sought Higgs boson known as the ‘God particle.’

The ‘God particle’ is believed to give all matter in the universe size and shape. The phrase ‘God particle’ was coined by Nobel Prize-winning physicist Leon Lederman in the 1950’s, as a non-technical way of explaining how mass in the subatomic universe works.

The ‘God particle’ was found in the $10 billion Large Hadron 17 mile long proton-smashing Collider on the Swiss-French border.

Until now the ‘God particle,’ or Higgs Boson, was a theoretical particle. But not any longer! “We have now found the missing cornerstone of particle physics,” Rolf Heuer, director of the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN) announced last Wednesday.

What does this have to do with our spirituality? Plenty! Matter and Spirit are a duet just like our human self and Christ Self are a duet. Matter is Spirit expressing as matter. We are Spirit expressing as us.

I’m putting my quantum spirituality and metaphysician hats on when I say I believe the ‘God particle’ quantum physicists believe they’ve found is really the ‘Christ Particle.’

Why? I believe it is most appropriately called the  ‘Christ Particle’ because the Christ is God in physicality. And that’s the most famous duet of all: God expressing as the Christ. It is the ‘Christ Particle that gives “all matter in the universe size and shape.”

One of the most mystical books in the New Testament, the Gospel of John, alludes to the ‘Christ Particle.’ It says in Chapter 1, verse 1:

1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The Word was with God in the beginning. Through the Word all things were made; without the Word nothing was made that has been made.

In other words, the One Presence, God, expresses Itself through Its Christ aspect, the Word. And without this physical expression, the ‘Christ Particle’ (the Word), the universe would not have shape and size.

Just as this God Presence expresses Itself as the Christ, the Christ expresses Itself as us. We are part of the Eternal Duet.

Our goal with The Metaphysical Website, and our Center of Metaphysical Christianity™ is to help the human you and the Christ you become a Dynamic Duet, so that the next version of you is so close to your Christ Self that you can’t tell you apart … as you walk the spiritual path on practical feet.

About the author: Rev. Dr. Bil Holton is a metaphysician, prolific author, and dynamic speaker. Learn more by visiting him at

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Since 1984, Cher & Bil Holton have been co-owners of The Holton Consulting Group, Inc., helping corporate and association clients enhance bottom-line results using cutting edge employee engagement. Their keynote speeches, turbo-training, and coaching sessions are practical, grounded in research, and lots of fun to boot! They are prolific authors, and take "Indiana Jones" vacations to continually stretch their limits!
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1 Response to The God Particle: What Does It Mean From a Spiritual and Metaphysical Perspective?

  1. Higgs Boson / “God Particle” -2012 Science news is actually a 150+ year old discovery by a different name ………………Infinite Intelligence….Steve Meyer / New Thought Movement / HolisticDNA

    The Sixth Sense Activation Sequence – GROUNDBREAKING New Book in 2012!

    “New Thought promotes the ideas that “Infinite Intelligence” or “God” is ubiquitous, spirit is the totality of real things, true human selfhood is divine, divine thought is a force for good, sickness originates in the mind, and “right thinking” has a healing effect…” Wikipedia

    Steve Meyer


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