The Metaphysics of Health: A Spiritual Look at the Healing of the Paralyzed Man (Matt. 9:2-8)

Our bodies are our biological address. How long we live there and how well we live there pretty much depend on us. Some people are in constant triage. Others enjoy perpetual health. For many people, a balanced diet is a beer in one hand and a pizza in the other. Regardless of how we treat our bodies, we all have two things in common when it comes to taking care of ourselves:

  • Our bodies will last a lifetime –
  • and our lifetimes will last as long as our bodies.

The metaphysics of health is a mind, body, spirit business. When all three aspects of us are balanced we enjoy perfect health. If they are out of sync, we end up like the character in the New Testament Gospel of Matthew who is paralyzed and unable to walk. (Matthew 9:2-8)

The traditional interpretation of these scriptures is fairly straightforward. The man is lowered through the roof and because of his faith and the faith of those who lowered him, is healed. It’s a poignant story, but its deeper ontological meaning takes its 21st Century worth to a whole new level of understanding.

  • The Paralyzed man symbolizes crippling thoughts that keep us stuck and immobilized, unable to move toward our good
  • People carrying the paralyzed man refer to faith-centered thoughts refusing to see anything but wholeness
  • Process of lowering man through the roof  is a Divine Idea coming into our waking consciousness
  • House  generally represents our consciousness
  • Scribes  symbolize sense-veneered, worldly thoughts
  • Bed or mat  refers to conventional assumptions, badge of lack consciousness
  • Earth stands for our ego personality
  • Home represents spiritual headquarters, the Kingdom of Heaven
  • Son of Man symbolizes our Higher Self which knows the difference between truth and error; our enlightened personality that seeks oneness with our Christ Self
  • Evil  stands for thoughts and belief systems that deny our divinity
  • The phrase “Your sins are forgiven. Stand up and walk”  means  to eliminate your error thinking (sins) by giving up the false for the true (forgiveness). Behold your wholeness (stand and walk) by expressing your Christ Nature.

When we step out| on faith and choose wholeness, despite the appearance of extremely challenging or immobilizing situations, we can move past any of our crippling thoughts and habits, because there is that within us which knows the difference between truth and error. We’ve got two choices:

  • we can deny the power of outer appearances or
  • we can affirm our wholeness by recognizing the awesome power of our Christ Nature.

That’s what Jesus meant when He asked, “Which is easier, to say, ‘Your sins are forgiven’ (Deny the power of outer appearances) or ‘Stand and walk’ (affirm your wholeness)?

All healing, body, mind, and soul, is the restoration of the harmony between us and the Christ within us. It is a cellular connection. Healing is wholing. And wholeness implies a pre-existent completeness. This perfection is the truth of us. The truth of our completeness does not depend on us. It’s present whether we believe it’s there or not. But the health of our physical and emotional being depends on the healthiness of our thoughts, images, and intentions.

Here’s the key to a metaphysics of health: We cannot think Truth and error at the same time; so we cannot manifest Truth and falsehood at the same time.

Wholeness follows Truth and sickness follows falsehood. If we want the abundant life we’ve got to make choices that sow abundance. If we want health, wealth, and prosperity, we’ve got to make choices that sow health, wealth, and prosperity.  All we have to do is eliminate unhealthy sense appetites and take a stand for Truth by going to the Christ Presence within.

 About the Authors: Combine a flair for the dramatic, a deep understanding of metaphysics combined with the teachings of Jesus, and a zest for ministry, and you have defined the dynamic duo who are at the heart of The Metaphysical Website.Revs. Drs. Bil and Cher Holton are co-ministers of a growing church in Durham, NC, prolific authors, and dynamic speakers. Learn more by visiting them at

About Cher & Bil Holton

Since 1984, Cher & Bil Holton have been co-owners of The Holton Consulting Group, Inc., helping corporate and association clients enhance bottom-line results using cutting edge employee engagement. Their keynote speeches, turbo-training, and coaching sessions are practical, grounded in research, and lots of fun to boot! They are prolific authors, and take "Indiana Jones" vacations to continually stretch their limits!
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